Server-Side Spam Filtering at UNC-Chapel Hill
Description: Introduction – Mail Filtering Filtering is the process of interpreting e-mail prior to delivery, and taking action based upon that interpretation. UNC-Chapel Hill filters incoming e-mail: to prevent the delivery of undesirable e-mail, known as “spam” to stop the spread of e-mail viruses – for detail on UNC’s virus filtering, see: Server-Side Virus Filtering at […]

What are the best practices to use to prevent someone from receiving spam?
Description: Introduction Although there are many opinions as to what spam is, there is some consensus that spam can be considered to be unsolicited, bulk commercial e-mail. Spam has evolved from its beginnings as unsolicited commercial-based postings to usenet newgroups to current sophisticated attempts to steal users’ identities via phishing and or to market illicit goods […]
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UNC-Chapel Hill Spam Filtering Service
Description: Introduction Email fraud and phishing are two of the most dangerous security threats delivered in email, often resulting in identity theft, financial losses and compromised security. Identity theft attacks are typically initiated through email by scammers pretending to be well-known companies. These messages encourage you to click on links within the message to visit a […]
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UNC-CH Spam Filtering Service FAQ
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How can I reduce the amount of email spam I get?
Description: UNC Spam Filtering Service For information on this service please see the document UNC-Chapel Hill Spam Filtering Service . Report spam messages that you receive to the UNC Postmaster. For information on how to report spam, please see the How to report phishing and spam emails document. Unsubscribe Note that some spam can be stopped […]
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