NCSAM Phishing Poster Order Form (Onyen Restricted)
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Phishing Posters for National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2017 (Onyen Restricted)
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How to forward suspect Phishing & SPAM Email Messages for Evaluation
Description:   What is a Phishing or SPAM Email? Phishing is email that attempts to capture login credentials, sensitive or financial information, or both.  In some cases phishing is an attempt to collect money.  Generally, phishing emails attempt to convince users to unknowingly surrender information by providing an attachment for the user to open or by […]
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Office 365 – Managing Spam in Junk E-mail Folder and Block/Allow Senders Lists
Description: The University has migrated to Office 365, along with this upgrade all Spam filtering is done by Microsoft. The new spam scanning service does not have a web accessible interface that will allow the user to control spam. Microsoft uses a sender base reputation and scores the domains. Based on these scores the domains are […]
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Sensitive information and email
Description: For a number of reasons, a best practice when working with sensitive information is to minimize use of email to transmit that information. At times, including small amounts of sensitive information in email within the university email system and domains UNC-Chapel Hill trusts may be necessary to meet business needs. Although we at UNC-Chapel Hill […]

Recognizing and Reporting Fraudulent Emails
Description: This document describes the most common types of fraudulent email and provides you with recommendations on what to do if when you receive one. The two most common types of fraudulent emails are: Phishing emails Spam emails What are Phishing Emails? Phishing emails are malicious messages that attempt to steal your sensitive information, such as your passwords, […]
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UNC-Chapel Hill Affiliate Computing Best Practices* (Onyen Restricted)
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Safe Holiday Browsing
Description: Stay safe while doing your online holiday shopping Surfing and shopping online can be a challenging and frightening situation at anytime. Internet users are frequently at risk to viruses, spam, ‘phishing’ scams, identity theft, and a variety of other online hazards. This can be especially true over the holiday periods.  The Web can be an […]

Server-Side Spam Filtering at UNC-Chapel Hill
Description: Introduction – Mail Filtering Filtering is the process of interpreting e-mail prior to delivery, and taking action based upon that interpretation. UNC-Chapel Hill filters incoming e-mail: to prevent the delivery of undesirable e-mail, known as “spam” to stop the spread of e-mail viruses – for detail on UNC’s virus filtering, see: Server-Side Virus Filtering at […]

ClamX Antivirus
Description: The University’s ITS Security has released the new Antivirus Software for Mac OS X users. The software is called ClamX Antivirus. The software is an open source application that will scan your system similar to Symantec Antivirus used by the University. A version of the ClamX Antivirus can be downloaded from Clamxav site. Installation Instructions Please view the installation instructions […]
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