VPN Installation
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VPN Installation and Clients (Onyen Restricted)
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I just got my Onyen – when can I log in to the VPN?
Description: I just got my Onyen – when can I log in to the VPN? You should be able to log in to the VPN client as soon as you create a new Onyen.
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ArcGIS Desktop Administrator is unable to connect to ArcGIS License Manager 9.3 when network speeds are slow or while connected to a VPN (Onyen Restricted)
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Best Practices for Using the Campus VPN
Description: Introduction “If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.” – Kahil Gibran Access Issues Access to campus resources from off-campus (for example, someone working at home) presents a number of issues related to maintaining a secure and available campus network environment. For one […]
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Uninstalling the VPN Client in Mac OS X
Description: Uninstalling the VPN Client for Mac OS X You must have administrator privileges to uninstall the VPN Client. If you do not have administrator privileges, you must have someone with administrator privileges uninstall the product for you. The VPN Client uninstall script uninstalls any previous command-line or GUI versions of the VPN Client from your […]
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What subnet ranges are used with campus VPN? (Onyen Restricted)
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Sensitive Workstation Controls Table
Description: The following chart is provided as a convenience. The full IT Policy archive is documented here:  http://its.unc.edu/about-its/university-it-policies/ Summary UNC-CH Sensitive Workstation Controls (effective through 6/1/15) In the table below, a “required” standard is indicated by an “X”, and a “recommended” standard is indicated by an “R.” The SecNAS Workstation Controls (in light blue) clarify an interim […]

Getting Started on KillDevil
Description: Table of Contents Introduction System Information Getting an Account Logging In Directory Spaces Mass Storage Development and Application environment Applications available Software Development Tools Compiling Job Submission Transferring Files Using Tar to Archive FAQs Additional Help Introduction The KillDevil cluster is a Linux-based computing system available to researchers across the campus. With more than 9500 […]
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What University Guest Wi-Fi Network Should I Use?
Description: Guest Wireless network access is specifically designed for visitors bringing their own device with 802.11 wireless (Wi-Fi) capability to connect from campus to the Internet. Guest access is granted short-term for individuals or groups with legitimate business or academic needs that are sponsored by a University department. The Guest Wireless network provides internet connectivity for […]