Carolina CloudApps: Sensitive Data Handling (Onyen Restricted)
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Campus Storage Offerings
Description: ITS and campus stakeholders have collaborated to publish a Campus Storage Offerings matrix.  The goal is to offer a better view of the different central storage offerings across campus.  If you have questions or would like to discuss having your services represented in the matrix, please submit a email to ITS-SYSTEMS.
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Using ITS Research Computing’s Secure FTP Server (Onyen Restricted)
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UNIX: Data Management
Description: Data and Text Manipulation in the UNIX Environment This document is intended for relatively advanced UNIX users interested in manipulating text and data sets. The document assumes that users are working in the ksh on the Isis complex, though the topics covered apply to other UNIX environments as well. The topics include: 1. Regular expressions […]
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Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)
Description: Tivoli Storage Manager (commonly abbreviated TSM) is an enterprise-level software suite that provides data backup and restoration service for departmental servers.  As of July 2010, ITS Open Systems group back up over 800 different client machines across UNC-Chapel Hill. (NOTE: Effective November 2011 — Default data retention for new TSM nodes is 30 days/3 versions. […]
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