Campus Mail Cheat Sheet for Heelmail (Office 365)
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How to Manually Update the Global Address List (GAL)
Description: Why and when would I need to update the GAL? When searching for a user in outlook using the address book and: You cannot find the person You can find the person and their email address is not listed or incorrect. This is usually due to a sync issue with the exchange server which is […]
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Dual Affiliate FAQ
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Getting Connected at UNC
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Sending Email Without SMTP Authentication
Description: Email automatically generated through servers, workstations or printer/scanner/fax machines can be sent through UNC’s email system without requiring SMTP authentication. As of 12/19/2013, the need to register machines to add them to the whitelist will no longer be required. All machines which send email through the sub-net ranges listed here (except for UNC Guest […]
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How can I see all of my e-mail folders?
Description: IMPORTANT NOTE: The folder subscription instructions below are only for Exchange or HeelMail accounts that have been configured with IMAP settings, using an IMAP email application such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail or MS-Outlook. In some cases, you may not see all of your folders in your e-mail client. This happens when some folders are […]
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How do I get a UNC e-mail account?
Description: Before you can get an email account, you must first have a UNC PID (personal identification number) and you must be actively affiliated with UNC-Chapel Hill. Typically, being actively affiliated means that you are enrolled as a student in a course of study or you are a member of the faculty or staff. Information on […]
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Pine and Pico Introduction
Description: Introduction Pine is an easy-to-learn electronic mail system. It is menu driven, which means that you will be presented with command choices at the bottom of each screen, as well as on-line Help. This document also describes Pico, Pine’s default text editor, which you automatically use when you compose a message. NOTE: After Monday, July […]
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Pine/Pico: Advanced
Description: Doing More With Your Email Client Pine is one of the most popular email clients used on UNIX platforms today, but most users are familiar with only a small handful of Pine’s extensive features. In this document you can explore some of the more advanced and useful features of the Pine email client and its […]
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E-Mail – What is the maximum number of recipients for an email message?
Description: What is the maximum number of recipients for an e-mail message? The maximum number of recipients for an e-mail message sent through Exchange (┬áis 5000 recipients and HeelMail ( is 500 recipients.   Alternatives for sending messages to 100+ recipients If you do not have an Exchange account: Split up the recipient list and send […]
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