What is digital video or audio?
Description: Digital video is that video that is recorded (encoded) onto a computer hard drive into some proprietary format such as AVI, MPEG, Quicktime, Windows Media, Real Video, or some derivative of the above list. Similarly, audio is encoded into formats such as .wav files, .aif files, or now the very popular MP3 files. To encode […]
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What equipment comes within a standard “smart room?”
Description: What equipment comes within a standard “smart room?” Typically, for our class/conference rooms, we provide and use the following equipment/options: Instructor’s Podium. The podium can be either fixed or moveable. At the podium, there is a laptop connection that enables the instructor/lecturer to display his/her laptop from the projector. There is also an option for […]
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What does a touch panel interface look like?
Description: What does a touch panel interface look like? The design of the interface can be made to meet your needs. We have designed our interface according to feedback provided to us by professors and lecturers who use the room. For an example of the layout, visit this link. For more information about design and interface, […]
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What does AMX stand for?
Description: What does AMX stand for? At Multimedia Classroom Design, we use a variety of high tech equipment to help with the functionality of our classrooms. One of the technical companies that we utilize is AMX. AMX stands for Automated Memory eXtra. For more information about what different kinds of equipment and services we provide, feel […]
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