Disposal of Electronic Media at UNC-Chapel Hill
Description: Table of Contents Overview Background Considerations before Disposing of Electronic Media Disposal of Hard Drives Disposal of Electronic Media Other Than Hard Drives Overview Increasing amounts of electronic data are being transmitted and stored on computer systems and electronic media by virtually every person conducting business for UNC-Chapel Hill. Some of that data contains sensitive […]
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UNC Computing Policy
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About the Onyen
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UNC List Server Policies
Description: Introduction All items covered under the Onyen Policy apply to the UNC-CH List Server (including its lists and subscribers). The following policies are additions that are specific to the UNC-CH List Server. Backups Backups of list membership, settings, and archives (if any) are retained for thirty (30) days. Deletions ITS deletes lists that remain dormant […]
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University Procedure on Dealing with Possible Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights
Description: I. Introduction The Digital Millennium Copyright Act amends federal copyright law to provide certain liability protections for online service providers, including the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, when their computer systems or networks carry materials that violate (infringe) copyright law. To qualify for liability protection, the University is required to have a policy […]
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Sensitive Information and Cloud Storage Providers like Dropbox, iCloud, and Others
Description: Should members of the UNC-CH community use cloud-based storage providers for storing sensitive information? Currently, there is no policy on cloud-based storage of non-sensitive information. Services like DropBox can be used for non-sensitive information. The guidance from the Information Security Office (ISO) is that for storing sensitive information with third party cloud storage providers, other […]
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Registering a Non-UNC Domain Name
Description: In order to register a non-unc.edu domain name (.com or .org or .net) on a system using the UNC-Chapel Hill DNS services,
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