Campus Storage Offerings
Description: ITS and campus stakeholders have collaborated to publish a Campus Storage Offerings matrix.  The goal is to offer a better view of the different central storage offerings across campus.  If you have questions or would like to discuss having your services represented in the matrix, please submit a email to ITS-SYSTEMS.
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LSF – Types of Clusters
Description: Table of Contents Overview Additional help Overview An LSF cluster can contain both servers and clients. Servers are execution hosts. They run the jobs that you submit to queues. Client hosts do not run jobs themselves but allow you to submit jobs to the servers. At Research Computing, we have two clusters KillDevil You can […]
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Setting User Preferences in the VCL
Description: Setting Email Preferences The VCL can send email notifications for events such as when reservation requests are ready, when they are about to expire, or when a reservation fails for some reason. You can elect to receive these emails or not receive them if you wish. Click User Preferences Click General Preferences Select the radio […]
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LSF – Types of Queues
Description: Table of Contents Overview Getting more information about the queues Additional help Overview The LSF queues implement our job scheduling and control policies. Different clusters have different queues associated with them. On clusters which have “patrons” type queues (see the following paragraph) there will be a queue named “idle” which all users may access. There […]
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Mass Storage – Common FAQs
Description: What is Mass Storage? Mass Storage services are available for the long-term archiving of important research data files that will be accessed infrequently. If you are interested in backing up your hard drive, you should use the PC backup software provided by UNC instead. Only faculty, staff and graduate students may use the Mass Storage […]
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Research Computing: Getting Started
Description: Overview ITS Research Computing offers a number of computing resources for researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill. Among these are an 8000 core Linux cluster (KillDevil); a 6,496 cores Linux cluster (Longleaf). If you are new to Linux, this document will be helpful when starting out on any of the above research computing servers Linux: Getting Started. […]
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Mathematical and Statistical Application – Matlab
Description: Table of Contents Overview Installation Setting up the environment and invoking from a Research Computing server Submitting Matlab jobs on a Research Computing server Tutorials FAQs Useful links References Additional help Overview Matlab is a high performance language for technical computing. Computation, visualization, and programming are integrated in an easy-to-use environment. Matlab can be used […]
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LSF – Submitting Jobs
Description: Table of Contents Overview Submitting Jobs More bsub options Submitting jobs using wrapper scripts Submitting parallel jobs Additional help Overview This document covers how to submit jobs to Research Computing servers using the LSF command “bsub”. Note: Jobs running outside the LSF queues will be killed. The logon privileges of users who repeatedly run jobs […]
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Description: Table of Contents What is fairshare scheduling? How do I tell LSF to put my job output in a file instead of sending it to me by email? How can I use the LSF job output to check the amount of memory my job is using? Is there a way to determine roughly how much […]
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Mass Storage
Description: Overview FAQs Appropriate Use Things to Avoid Creating and Accessing Space How Do I Put Files There? Availability of Accidentally Deleted Files Long Term Storage of Files How does mass storage work? Additional help Overview The Mass Storage system (also known as StorNext or /ms) is intended to be used for archiving research data files […]
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