Carolina CloudApps: Access to Firewall Protected Resources (Onyen Restricted)
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2-Step Verification (Duo)
Description: Security Tips: Don’t give out your passcode(s) to anyone; treat them with the same security you do your Onyen password. If you receive a push notification on the Duo Mobile App, make sure that it is you that sent the push notification. If you know it is not you, then please click on “Deny”. If […]
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Safety and Security for the Business Professional Traveling Abroad
Description: FBI-Business-Travel-Brochure-Best-Practices
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Information Security Recommendations for Faculty Traveling Abroad
Description: The Higher Education Information Security Council (HEISC) Information Security Guide includes a page of Security Tips for Traveling Abroad with institutional resources, as well as government resources and relevant articles. See Security Tips for Traveling Abroad.   Note: The FBI has a brochure, Safety and Security for the Business Professional Traveling Abroad, encouraging business travelers to […]
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UNC Chapel Hill Website Best Practices
Description: Introduction Before planning of a new website, schools, departments, centers, projects, and labs should evaluate one of UNC’s managed solutions for creating websites. Recent incidents at UNC-CH have highlighted the complexities and workload required to properly administer a website and prevent abuse. UNC managed solutions include: Centrally-hosted and managed WordPress School of Medicine-hosted […]
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How to Create A Secure Password
Description: What is a long and strong (secure) password? Your password is a significant defense against cyber-criminals, making it imperative that you choose a long and strong password that cannot be easily cracked. This is especially important for administrator-level accounts. The System Administration, Network, and Security (SANS) Institute recommends certain guidelines for choosing an effective password. […]
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Establishing a New Credit Card Merchant Account
Description: There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
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How to Secure Linux
Description: This document is intended to provide basic and mid-level tips for securing your Linux system. These tips are designed to apply to most Linux distributions however you may need to consult with help documentation for your particular distribution if some of the commands do not work for you. General Principles Use a strong password (mix numbers, capital letters, and symbols) with length of eight […]
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Microsoft Security Essentials Client Overview
Description: The Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) client is the current recommended Antivirus/Malware application for personally-owned computers.  This application is a Non-Managed client; an overview of the client is offered below. For University-owned computers, Microsoft System Endpoint Protection is recommended. Please visit Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection for more information. General Overview The Microsoft Security Essentials has four […]
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Installing Microsoft Security Essentials
Description: The University recommends that Microsoft Security Essentials be installed on any personal computer used by Faculty, Staff, or Students.  For University-owned computers, Microsoft System Endpoint Protection is recommended.   Please follow the instructions below to install Microsoft Security Essentials. If you are a Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 user then either of those come with […]
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