About the TarHeel Linux Build

TarHeel Linux is developed and supported by a team from ITS Research Computing. It is an enhanced version of the popular, stable, and Open Source Linux distribution, CentOS, which in turn, is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It has been secured for the UNC environment, and takes advantage of many services offered by Research Computing and ITS.

Installing TarHeel Linux

TarHeel Linux can quickly and easily be installed on any recent CCI desktop and most compatible desktops from vendors other than Lenovo. It is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit processors.

TarHeel Linux Software Repository

The TarHeel Linux team maintains a very large repository of scientific and technical software in rpm format. New packages are being added on a regular basis. Users of TarHeel Linux can choose to install software from this repository or can build and install software of their choosing, as the machine’s owner retains root access.

Security of TarHeel Linux

The security and stability of TarHeel Linux is maintained by nightly software and OS updates and patches along with basic integrity scans. These scan logs are summarized and sent to the root user daily.

More Information:

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