Accessing Your AFS Space

What is AFS?

AFS is a distributed filesystem accessible via UNC campus labs that allows you to access your files from multiple types of systems (Windows, UNIX). When you create an Onyen* you are allocated 100 megabytes (undergraduates) or 256 megabytes (faculty/staff/graduates) for combined file and web page storage. Please visit the site to create an Onyen and subscribe to services. In the past, in order for you to use this space for file storage, you would have to use FTP to copy your file back and forth between your local computer and your Isis network file space. With OpenAFS, your file and web space can be automatically accessed just as though it were another hard drive on your computer.

Logging into AFS

To login to ITS lab computers, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete at the first screen. Enter your Onyen, press TAB , and then enter your Onyen password, which does expire every 90 days. Click OK or press Enter.

Accessing Your Personal File Space

To access your file space, double-click on the H: drive icon that appears on the main screen. You can also double-click on the My Computer icon. When you do so, you will see a drive called Home (H:) in addition to the C: and D: drives. This is the drive in which you can store your personal files. Instead of saving a Word or WordPerfect document to a floppy disk, you may choose instead to save a document to the H: drive. You can then access the file from any lab computer. This document will be backed-up nightly and will be available to you as long as you have an internet connection and either FTP or the Open AFS Client. If you delete or corrupt a file from your home directory, go to your H: drive and double-click on OldFiles . This provides a backup of your home directory from the previous day.

Web Pages

You may also save a web page to your home directory. Double-click on the H: drive. If you have subscribed to the web space service, one of the folders you will see is public_html . To create a web page, open an html editor and save the file to the public_html folder in your home directory. You will need to name the file index.html . See the document Creating WWW Pages at UNC-CH for more information on personal web pages. Once you save your file, your web page will be published automatically without having to use ftp. To view your page, open a web browser to .

Logging Out

Once you have finished using a lab computer, it is important that you log out from the AFS service. If you do not log out, the next user will be able to access your personal file space. To log out, select Shut down from the Start menu. You will be given a list of shut down options. Select the last option, Close all programs and log on as a different user , and press Enter .