Carolina CloudApps (Legacy): Learning Guide

The documents listed below are for the LEGACY offering of the Carolina CloudApps platform. If you are looking for the Learning Guide for the latest version of CloudApps, please see this document:


The Carolina CloudApps service is a managed platform that provides an environment for developing and deploying web applications.  It utilizes the RedHat OpenShift Enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution to provide isolated, multi-tenant containers for application development.  ITS centrally manages the hardware and operating system infrastructure in addition to the platform and programming language software.  This allows campus developers to focus on application development and not infrastructure management.

Documentation/Table of Contents

Getting Started


Getting Started Guide

Creating your first application

Initial Focus points

Backup and Restoring your site

Viewing Application Logs

Development focused documents

Handling Programming Language Dependencies

Environment Variables

Deployments and Rollbacks

Sending emails

Programming Language Upgrades

Add a Database to My Gear


Using Cron for Job Scheduling 

Creating Vanity URL’s

Deleting an Application

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