Connected Backup – Installation and Getting Started


If you need information on ordering, visit our main Connected Backup site. ¬†We highly recommend that you read this information before using this software and service. If after reading this document, you do not feel comfortable with the configuration or setup, contact the ITS Service Desk or your department’s IT staff.

The specific software you are using is licensed by “Autonomy (formerly Iron Mountain)” and is called “Connected Backup”. Note that these terms may be used interchangeably throughout this document.


After your license has been purchased and registered on our Ordering site, you can then proceed to the Account Management site to download the installer. After you login, you should see the “Reinstall agent” link. Follow the instructions on the site to download the software for your account. If you visit the ITS Response Center they can assist you with downloading and installing the software as well as performing the first backup.

You should be able to login with your Onyen or UNC Email Address and your Onyen Password.

After downloading the software, simply double-click the file to install it on your computer. During the installation, you will be prompted for a “Password”. Enter your “Onyen Password.” After you enter that information your account will be setup and synchronized with the server. Before making any changes allow the software to catalog your hard drive first. When the software loads, you may see a rotating progress circle in the bottom of the screen that says “Scanning…”. Allow that process to complete before doing anything with the software. Depending on the size of your hard drive and the number of files, this could take 20-30 minutes to complete.


The software is preconfigured by the UNC Connected Backup Administrators. Most of these settings can be changed at any time after installation by opening the Connected Backup and then choose the “Tools” option at the top.

Back-up Your Data

It is highly recommended that you perform your first backup while you are connected to the UNC wired network. The first backup can take anywhere from 1-4 hours because the software must catalog your entire hard drive, compress and encrypt your unique data and send it to the off-site Connected Backup server. Using high-speed ISPs, including Road Runner, may take in excess of 24 hours, due to the upload limit imposed by ISPs. Subsequent backups should take ~2 minutes and can even be done over a modem connection.

If your backups are not happening due to scheduling issues and/or you are constantly canceling the backups, you will not be able to restore any new data. The same is true if you exclude certain files or folders from being backed up. We can’t restore what isn’t backed up. We highly recommend that after you do your first backup, you choose the “Retrieve” tab in the software to ensure that all of your files are present and backed up. We recommend that you periodically check the Restore feature in the software to ensure that all of your drives/folders are available.

Restoring Your Data

There are two ways to restore your individual files. The fastest way is to open the software on your computer and choose the “Retrieve” tab, enter your Onyen Password, wait for the system to scan and then select the specific files. Alternately, you can visit the Connected Backup Account Management site from any computer using Internet Explorer and perform the same function. You do have the ability to restore different versions of documents as well. For example, if you backup your computer each day and you update a file called “my_diary.doc” each day, then you can restore the last 10 versions of this file at any point. If your file was deleted, it will remain on the server for 90 days before it is permanently deleted. For more info see our Data Retention and Deletion document.

Support Options

Now that you have installed or configured Connected Backup, you should complete the first backup and view our Connected Backup – Support FAQs for additional information on the product. If you need assistance at any time, please contact the ITS Service Desk.