Connecting to the UNC Network – Apple iPhone, iPad and iTouch

Connecting an iPad

Connecting an iPhone

  • Go to the Home screen and touch Settings.

  • Touch Wi-Fi.

  • If your Wi-Fi setting displays Off place your finger on the switch and slide it to the right to switch it to On.

If you’re on-campus connect to the Wireless Network called “UNC-Setup” or if you’re off-campus use the cellular connection or another WiFi connection. Then point your web browser to and follow the prompts. Note that you may need to be on the latest version of Apple iOS for your iDevice. You will need to redo this last step each year to get a new certificate. 

You should now be automatically connected to the UNC-Secure wireless network now.  If you are unable to connect to either of the networks mentioned above, you can attempt to reset your networking settings by choosing Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

If you need assistance with these instructions, contact us via one of the Other ITS Help Options.