Connecting to the UNC Wireless Network

Operating System (All) Eduroam UNC-PSK
Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 green-check green-check
* 8 RT redx green-check
Mac OS X (10.6 – 10.9.x) green-check green-check
iOS (7.x) green-check green-check
Android (4.x.x) green-check green-check
Linux green-check green-check
Chromebook redx green-check
  • ITS has detected a problem with authentication for the setup, If you have a special character > or < in your password this can cause problems.  Please change your onyen password and remove the special character.
  • Due to many issues with wireless connections dropping while on Mac OS X.  The University recommends that you first disable IPV6.  Please click here for instructions on how to disable IPV6 based on Mac OSX version.  Then please follow the configuration instructions below.


UNC-Secure has been removed from setup as of May 7th 2015.  Any current UNC-Secure connections will work until Fall Break.  We recommend you to go ahead and connect to Eduroam.


To connect to the Eduroam wireless network, you must first connect to the UNC-Setup wireless network.

  • Once you are connected to the UNC-Setup wireless network, a page with instructions on how to proceed should open.
  • If the page does not open automatically, then please open a web browser and go to & follow the instructions.

For more information please visit the Eduroam document.

Please visit the following links below for more detailed configuration information:


UNC-PSK is a WPA2-PSK wireless network for UNC-CH staff, faculty and students whose devices are unable to be configured for UNC-Secure (the WPA2-Enterprise network) or are shared devices.

Please visit the following links below for more detailed configuration information:

Guest Wireless Access

Mac users only: If you press the on the “Join UNC-Guest” pop-up window. There is a known issue that it can not find the page  Please ignore and close out the pop-up window.  You are still connected to UNC-Guest Network.