Elluminate (Blackboard Collaborate): Moderator’s Guide

Chapter 1 Using this Guide

Chapter 2 Getting Started

Chapter 3 The Elluminate Live! Room

Chapter 4 The Participants Window

Chapter 5 In-Session Invitations

Chapter 6 Video Broadcast

Chapter 7 The Chat Window

Chapter 8 The Audio Window

Chapter 9 Telephone Conferencing

Chapter 10 The Whiteboard

Chapter 11 Session Plans

Chapter 12 Application Sharing

Chapter 13 Presentation Mode

Chapter 14 Web Tour & Web Push

Chapter 15 Breakout Rooms

Chapter 16 The Timer

Chapter 17 File Transfer

Chapter 18 Multimedia Files

Chapter 19 Interactive Recordings

Chapter 20 The Notes Window

Chapter 21 The Quiz Manager

Chapter 22 Closed-Captioning

Chapter 23 The Graphing Calculator

Chapter 1 Using this Guide

Who should read this guide?

How to use this guide

Conventions used in this guide

Operating System Differences


Menu Pathnames


Typographical Conventions

Getting help

Chapter 2 Getting Started

Minimum Client System Requirements

Joining an Elluminate Live! Session

Setting Your Connection Speed

Prompting for the Connection Speed

Setting Your Preferences

Setting Your Proxy Configuration

Configuring Your Audio

Launching an Offline Elluminate Live! Session

Chapter 3 The Elluminate Live! Room

The Toolbar

Using the Toolbar Buttons

Status Bar

The Menus

File Menu

Session Menu

View Menu

Tools Menu

Window Menu

Help Menu

Using Mnemonic and Accelerator Keys


Accelerator Keys

Using Hot Keys

Configuring Hot Keys

Window Layouts

Main Window Layout

Lock, Unlock, and Re-sizing the Windows


Collapsing, Expanding, Hiding and Restoring the Mini-Controller

Moving the Mini-Controller

Restoring the Main Window

Mini-Controller with Audio

Mini-Controller with Chat

Mini-Controller with Video

Mini-Controller with Raised Hands

Mini-Controller with Timer

Mini-Controller with Presentation Mode

Mini-Controller with Application Sharing

Closing the Elluminate Live! Application

The Confirmation Dialog

Chapter 4 The Participants Window

Setting Permissions

Assigning Permissions to a Participant

Removing Permissions from a Participant

Preventing New Participants from Entering the Session

Sorting the Participants List

Sorting Rules

Activity Lights and Indicators

Activity Halo

Activity Indicators

Status Indicators

Step Away Indicator

Audio Setup Wizard Indicator

Polling Feature

Polling the Participants

Lock the Polling Results

View a Summary of the Polling Statistics

Publish the Polling Results to the Whiteboard

Hand Raising

Raise and Lower Your Hand

Hand Raising Indicators and Notification

Automatically Raise Hand upon Entering a Session

Emotion Indicators

Printing the Participants List

Saving the Participants List to a File

Using the Context Menu

Wait for listeners to catch up

Select All Objects from Participant

Show Participant Screen Names

Request Desktop Control

Give Moderator Privilege

Take Away Moderator Privilege

Removing Participants

Breakout Room

View Profile

Edit Profile

Send E-Mail at Work

Send E-Mail at Home

User Profiles

View a User’s Profile

Show Profiles

Editing Your User Profile

Chapter 5 In-Session Invitations

Sending an In-Session Invitation

Copying the Session Link to Another Application

Setting the Email Text Encoding Format

Chapter 6 Video Broadcast

Enabling, Previewing, and Transmitting Video

Enabling Video Camera Support

Opening, Expanding and Resizing the Video Window

Previewing and Transmitting Video

Viewing Video

A Note on Image Quality Settings

Activity Lights and Indicators

Understanding Frame Rates

Viewing Video with Multiple Simultaneous Cameras

Controlling the Main View

Follow me Option

Identifying Transmitters

Recording and Playback

Stopping, Closing and Disabling Video

Stopping Video Transmission

Closing the Video Window

Disabling Video Camera Support

Sending a Video Image to the Whiteboard

Setting Video Permission for Participants

Selecting and Configuring your Video Device

Setting Video Preferences

Setting Video Device Disconnection

Setting the Video Frame Rate

Changing the Video Window Settings

Chapter 7 The Chat Window

Setting the Chat Permission for Participants

Activity Halo

Sending Chat Messages

Send to This Room

Send to All Rooms, Moderators or a Single Participant

Send to a Selected Group of Session Attendees

Send Message as Announcement

Adding External Links to your Message

Adding Emoticons to your Message

Viewing Chat Messages

Scrolling Chat Messages

Show Date/Time Stamp

Filtering Chat Messages

New Message Indicator

Changing the Text Size in the Conversation Area

Changing the Text Size in the Message Text Field

Viewing Chat Messages from the Mini-Controller

Saving Chat Messages to a File

Chapter 8 The Audio Window

Configuring Your Audio

Using the Audio Setup Wizard

Configuring Simultaneous Talkers

Managing Your Microphone Levels

Using the Audio Window

Activating and Releasing Your Microphone

Adjusting Your Microphone and Speaker Levels

Adjusting Another Talker’s Microphone

Activity Lights and Indicators

Activity Indicators

Status Indicators

Troubleshooting Audio Delays

Advanced Features

Selecting an Audio Input Device

Selecting an Audio Output Device

Muting Speakers When Talking

Setting the Sample Rate

Suppressing Transmission of Silence

Muting Your Microphone to Let Listeners Catch Up

Muting a Talker’s Speakers

Setting Audio Permission for Participants

Chapter 9 Telephone Conferencing

The Key Players

The Elluminate Live! Moderator

The Teleconference Bridge

Teleconference Chairperson

Configuring Connection Information to a Telephone Conference

Connecting the Session to the Telephone Conference

Reconnecting the Session to the Teleconference When the Connection Fails

Disconnecting the Session from the Telephone Conference

Adjusting the Sound

Muting the Teleconference

Changing the Volume

Announcing the Session to the Teleconference

Joining a Teleconference

Leaving a Teleconference

Switching Communications Mode of another Session Attendee

Microphone and Speakers (Audio) to Telephone (Telephony)

Telephone (Telephony) to Microphone and Speakers (Audio)

Sending the Telephony Users to Breakout Rooms

Activity Indicators

Setting Telephony Permission for Participants

Sorting the Participants List

Sorting Rules

Chapter 10 The Whiteboard

Whiteboard Components

Activity Lights and Indicators

Setting Whiteboard Permissions for Participants

Whiteboard Tools Permission

Whiteboard Viewing Permissions

Entering Content into the Whiteboard

The Tools Palette

Entering Graphics

Inserting Text

Inserting Images

Loading a Presentation or Whiteboard File

Manipulating Objects and Text

Using the Explore Objects Window

Selecting Objects

Grouping and Ungrouping Objects

Moving Objects

Resizing Objects.

Cutting, Copying and Pasting Objects in the Whiteboard

Dragging/Dropping and Copying/Pasting Text and Images to/from Other Applications

Moving Objects to the Background or Foreground

Moving Objects to the Front/Back

Erasing Objects

Deleting Objects

Editing Text

Editing Object Properties

Aligning and Distributing Objects

Working with Whiteboard Screens

Scaling the Whiteboard Screen

Protecting Whiteboard Screens

Using the Explore Screens Window

Navigating Between Screens

Creating New Blank Screens

Creating Whiteboard Screen Groups

Moving Screens

Copying Screens to Breakout Rooms

Cutting/Copying/Pasting/Deleting Screens

Dragging/Dropping Screens to Other Applications

Editing Screen Properties

Saving Whiteboard Screens

Printing Whiteboard Screens

Locating an OpenOffice Installation

Customizing Your Clip Art Collections

Chapter 11 Session Plans

Chapter 12 Application Sharing

Hosting an Application Sharing Session

Quick Step for Sharing a Single Application

Sharing Your Desktop

Sharing One or More Applications

Showing Application Sharing in Presentation Mode

Application Sharing Window

The Host’s Window

The Viewer’s Window

Pause and Resume Application Sharing

Show Preview Window

Send Snapshot to Whiteboard

Send Snapshot with Delay to Whiteboard

Stop the Application Sharing Session

Control of Your Shared Applications

Give Control

Take Away Control

Request Control of Someone Else’s Desktop

Return Control Back to the Desktop Owner

Request Control of Shared Applications

Send Simulated Keystrokes

Terminate Remote Desktop Sharing

Sharing a Region of Your Desktop

Advanced Application Sharing Options

Hosting Options

Permit Remote Control of Your Desktop

Filtered Keys

Simulated Keystrokes

Use OpenGL Option (Macintosh only)

Activity Lights and Indicators

Activity Indicators

Status Indicators

Hosting Application Sharing Sessions on Windows Vista

User Account Control and Application Sharing

Requesting Elevated Privileges

Example Scenarios

Allowing the Remote Control of your Application or Desktop

Chapter 13 Presentation

Presentation Mode as Seen by the Viewer

The Presentation Mode Controller

Displaying Content in Presentation Mode

The Whiteboard

The Application Sharing Window

Opting Out and Returning to Presentation Mode

Opting Out of Presentation Mode

Returning to Presentation Mode

Exiting Presentation Mode

Chapter 14 Web Tour & Web Push

Web Tour

Start a Web Tour

Using the Web Tour Window

Closing the Web Tour Window

Web Push

Chapter 15 Breakout Rooms

Creating Private Breakout Rooms

Creating Public Breakout Rooms

Distributing Participants and Moderators into Public Rooms

Sending Others to Breakout Rooms

Using the Menu Option

By Dragging and Dropping

Allowing Participants to Move Themselves to Breakout Rooms

Sending Yourself to a Breakout Room

Using the Menu Option

By Dragging and Dropping

Returning Participants or Yourself to the Main Room.

Using the Menu Option

By Dragging and Dropping

Return Everyone at Once to the Main Room

Copying Screens to the Main Room

Copying Screens of Selected Breakout Room

Copying Screens of All Breakout Rooms

Renaming a Breakout Room

Closing a Breakout Room

Chapter 16 The Timer

Starting the Timer

Opening the Timer Settings Dialog

Setting the Time

Hiding and Showing the Timer

The Show/Hide Timer Button

Hiding the Timer

Showing the Timer

Bringing the Timer into Focus

Moving the Timer Window

Pausing and Resuming the Timer

Changing the Time

Stopping the Timer

Working with the Timer within the Mini-Controller

Showing and Hiding the Timer from within the Mini-Controller

Pausing and Resuming the Timer from within the Mini-Controller

Changing the Time from within the Mini-Controller

Stopping the Timer from within the Mini-Controller

Chapter 17 File Transfer

The File Transfer Window

Loading a File

Loading a URL File

Saving a File

Deleting a File

Giving Upload File Transfer Permission to Participants

Closing and Reopening the File Transfer Window

Chapter 18 Multimedia Files

The Multimedia Library Window

Loading a Multimedia File

Loading a Multimedia URL

Playing a Multimedia File or URL

Removing Multimedia Files or URLs

Stop the Current Playing Media

Closing and Reopening the Multimedia Window

Chapter 19 Interactive Recordings

Recording Your Sessions

The Recording Reminder Dialog

Starting a Recording

Resuming a Recording

Stopping and Pausing a Recording

Manually Adding an Index Entry

Erasing a Recording

Playing a Recording

Names Hidden in Recordings

Navigating Within a Recording

Knowing Where You Are

Using the Playback Slider

Using the Previous and Next Index Entry Buttons

Using Prior Index Entries and Upcoming Index Entries

Using the Recording Index

Chapter 20 The Notes Window

Opening and Closing the Notes Window

Taking Notes

Getting Started

Creating Lists

Formatting Notes Text

Changing the Text Size in the Notes Editor

Working with Notes

Selecting Notes

Inserting Notes

Moving Notes

Deleting Notes

Printing Notes

Viewing Presenter Notes Imported with a Presentation

Saving Notes

Managing Notes Documents

Opening the Notes Documents List

Searching Notes Documents

Exporting and Importing Notes Documents

Importing Notes Documents

Deleting Notes Documents

Using Compound Notes

Notes in Recordings

Viewing Notes in a Recording

Editing Notes in a Recording

Chapter 21 The Quiz Manager

Creating a Quiz

Administering Quizzes to Participants

Viewing and Saving Quiz Results

Saving Quizzes to Disk

Loading Previously Saved Files into the Quiz Library

Editing a Quiz

Deleting a Quiz from the Quiz Library

Closing and Reopening the Quiz Manager Window

Chapter 22 Closed-Captioning

Granting the Permission to Enter Closed-Captioning Text

Entering Closed-Captioning Text

View Only Closed-Captioning Window

Saving Closed-Captioning Text

Closed-Captioning Activity Indicators

Closing and Reopening the Closed Captioning Window

Chapter 23 The Graphing Calculator

Private and Shared Calculators

Switching between the Private and Shared Graphing Calculator

Using the Shared Graphing Calculator

Graphing Functions using the Calculator

Entering Mathematical Operators and Functions

Displaying the Function History

Evaluating Functions

Selecting and Displaying Points on the Graph

Changing the Calculator Display Region

Setting the Display Region and Grid Spacing

Zooming In and Out

Moving the Graph in the Display Region

Closing the Graphing Calculator