[Exchange] Outlook 2011 for Mac Configuration

The University’s Campus Exchange account can be configured in Outlook 2011 for Mac. This client offers full support for Exchange and is one of the recommended clients for Mac. In order to setup your account, please follow the configuration instructions below. The client (only) is available for download at http://shareware.unc.edu.

Configuration Settings
User Name: Onyen
Password: Onyen Password
Server: Outlook.unc.edu
Domain: AD

Outlook 2011 Configuration

  1. Begin by opening Outlook 2011 for Mac. If this is your first time opening the program then you will initially be taken to a screen that will prompt you to create a new email account and Outlook will attempt to configure your account automatically. If you have used and configured Outlook for an account in the past, then begin by clicking on Outlook and choosing Preferences to add or modify an account.
  2. Click Exchange Account in order to configure a new Exchange email account.
  3. Enter your Exchange email address (“your_onyen”@unc.edu), your Onyen (User name) and Onyen Password. Click Add Account.
  4. A window may appear that indicates the connection was redirected to outlook.unc.edu, this is normal and you may feel free to allow the response from the server.
  5. After successfully authenticating you should see the following screen, a green ‘light’ next to the account name indicates that your e-mail account is successfully configured with UNC’s Microsoft Exchange service.