Finance Central FAQ

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What is Finance Central? Finance Central is an application that provides web-based access to UNC-Chapel Hill financial tools. Users can access Finance Central (Web Portal) using Internet Explorer. How do I get access to Finance Central? Please go to UNC Finance Division’s Training Page and fill out the Access Request Form [.pdf]. Where can I find documentation for Finance Central Applications? The most complete documentation for all UNC Financial Applications is available from the UNC Finance Division website. How do I report problems I encounter when using Finance Central? Problems should be reported by calling the IT Response Center at 962-HELP or by submitting an online help request (be sure to indicate “Finance Central” under “Type of help needed”). Which browsers are supported by Finance Central? Currently, only Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 6 and above) is supported by Finance Central, because some vendor-supplied components only support that browser. Users of other browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari) may experience erratic behavior with certain parts of the application. For this reason, use of these browsers is not recommended at this time. Are “Cookies” and Javascript required? Yes. Your browser must be configured to allow the Finance Central server to set cookies and run Javascript. Can I use the “Back” Button on my browser?

The back button should not be used with Finance Central! Use of this feature can result in data corruption.

Why does Finance Central open multiple windows? Each Finance Central application opens in a new window so that you can have multiple applications open at one time (for example, Check Request in one window and Travel in another). Please be aware that Internet Explorer 7 supports multiple browser ƒ ¢ € ˜tabsƒ ¢ € ™ within the same window. Using the above example, that would have Check Request on one tab and Travel on another. Please contact your departmental support personnel for instructions on configuring this option within your browser. How long can I stay logged into Finance Central? Finance central login sessions “time out” (expire) after 30 minutes of inactivity.