HeelMail Frequently Asked Questions

  • On Feb 9, 2015, ITS Security blocked the Microsoft Outlook App for Android, due to security concerns. If you have the application installed it will not connect to UNC Servers.
  • On March 8th, 2015, The university has transitioned (only for HeelMail users) to Office365. You will need to change your account settings. Please see the HeelMail (Office365) column on Campus Mail Cheat Sheet for HeelMail and Exchange for settings for either Email Application or Mobile Device (iOS and Android). It may be necessary to remove and re-add your account.


What is HeelMail?

HeelMail is the student e-mail system at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It is powered by Microsoft’s Live@edu platform. Advantages include collaboration tools, a calendar, and integration with the ITS-supported Exchange e-mail service for faculty and staff.

How do I access HeelMail and more information about HeelMail?

What are the advantages of HeelMail?

HeelMail includes many new user-friendly features and services:

  • Integrated single sign-on — Single sign-on authentication using your Onyen, which will allow a smooth transition between other single-sign-on-enabled applications such as Sakai, Blackboard and ConnectCarolina.
  • Mobile phone syncing—Many smart phones can easily be configured to sync your HeelMail e-mail, calendar, and contacts.
  • Integrated calendar — Allows students to easily look-up free/busy information and schedule meetings with faculty and staff who use the ITS-managed Exchange service.
  • Communication tools — A Windows live messenger system, allowing students to chat with classmates and friends.

When will my university e-mail account switch to HeelMail?

Students will have the opportunity to opt into the new e-mail system in April 2011 and student e-mail users of the centrally ITS-supported IMAP service will have to make the switch by August 2011. Additional information on how to opt-in will be available in early April. See link for more information on student employees switching to HeelMail.

What is my HeelMail Quota?

The quota for HeelMail is 50 GBs.

What will happen to my account after graduation?

You will continue to have access to your HeelMail account as long as your Onyen remains valid. For more information on the Onyen policy, visit Onyens and Data Expiration.

When you opt into HeelMail, you will receive a new onyen@live.unc.edu e-mail account, but any e-mail sent to your @email.unc.edu or @unc.edu addresses will be forwarded to your new account automatically.

How do I import my old Webmail Address Book into HeelMail?

How do I forward my e-mails from HeelMail to another e-mail account?

You can no longer set this up at the onyen.unc.edu page. You will need to configure forwarding inside HeelMail, instead. See Microsoft’s Mail Forwarding document for more information on forwarding setup.

Where can I set a vacation or Auto Reply message in HeelMail?

Please visit Microsoft’s Automatic Replies Tab document.

Where can I find more information about HeelMail?

For UNC-specific information, visit the HeelMail informational website at http://its.unc.edu/service/heelmail/. You can also visit http://www.microsoft.com/liveatedu to learn more about Microsoft Live@edu offerings, including Microsoft Outlook Live and Microsoft Office Web Apps.

If I have any questions about how to use Live, where can I go?

Microsoft’s help site, help.outlook.com, has many great resources. For technical questions, you can also call 962-HELP.

Are there any limitations to the size of e-mails I send out, and how many people they can be sent to?

Please visit Microsoft’s Message and Recipient Limits document for information on e-mail limitations.

Will my aliases work the same way they do now?

Yes, but the alias will only forward to your onyen@live.unc.edu account.

I am a student employee. Can I switch to HeelMail?

If you are a student employee with a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) flag on your account, you cannot move to HeelMail. You will be switched to the ITS-supported Exchange service instead. UNC-Chapel Hill’s agreement with Microsoft could not provide HIPAA protection for the contents in HeelMail. Your UNC-Chapel Hill Exchange email account will fully integrate with HeelMail. For more information about Exchange, please visit http://its.unc.edu/service/exchange/.

Yes, Onyen Forwarding will be setup during the registration process or you may go to http://onyen.unc.edu, click on the forward email button, and set your email as onyen@live.unc.edu, unless you are a student worker and have been migrated to Campus Exchange.

What are the supported browsers for HeelMail Accounts?

For a list of supported browsers, please visit Microsoft’s Supported Browsers document. If you are using a browser that is not on the supported list you will be directed to the Light Version of Outlook Web App (OWA). Please visit the document above for more information.

Known Issues

Will this affect my listservs?

Your Listserv subscriptions will be automatically updated when you sign up for HeelMail. If you are not able to send an email to your Listserv, after subscribing to HeelMail, then please follow the instructions below to submit a request to change your Listserv subscriptions.

To submit a request to change your listserv subscriptions, please go to
Online Help Request and state that you have migrated to @live.unc.edu and need your listserv subscriptions changed from your @email.unc.edu or @unc.edu to @live.unc.edu account.

What happens when my Onyen account and HeelMail account is renamed but my Old ID still shows on my HeelMail account?

You may correct the issue by doing the following:

  1. Click on Options
  2. Click on Accounts
  3. Click on Edit
  4. Edit the ID/Email field

Why can't I import my Gmail?

Microsoft has set the import not to allow Gmail connections.

Microsoft by design does not allow federated logins so you will not be able to use your Onyen and Password to login to applications such as Zune or Xbox Live. As well you can only login to one Live ID session per browser.

Can I use my Alias as from or reply to when I send emails?

No, Microsoft does not allow you to change the field or allow you to send an email on behalf of another person.

Why am I receiving a Connection To Slow Delivery Notification message?

This is a known issue by the university and Microsoft. This error occurs when the IMAP connection times out. This issue will occur on occasion and will eventually go away when we completely migrate to live@edu.

 Mail Client

How can I connect my non-UNC e-mail accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, etc..) to HeelMail?

To connect non-UNC e-mail accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, etc…) to HeelMail, so you can read all of your e-mails in one place, follow the instructions on Microsoft’s Connected Accounts Tab document.

Can I use my preferred e-mail program to access HeelMail?

Yes. To access HeelMail from e-mail programs, ITS recommends Outlook, which can directly connect to an Exchange server. This allows you to have your e-mail, calendar and contacts in one application. However, any IMAP or POP e-mail program (including Thunderbird) can be used to access HeelMail.

For instructions on how to set up HeelMail on your preferred e-mail program, please visit Microsoft’s Email Setup document.

How to Configure Desktop Client?

When configuring a Desktop Client make sure that you use your full email address (i.e. onyen@live.unc.edu) as the username. The password will be the Onyen password.

 Web Client

Does HeelMail save my sent messages?

Yes, HeelMail will save sent messages in the “Sent Items” folder. If you use a third-party program to send e-mail, you may have to configure your program to save sent mail in the “Sent Items” folder.

Can I change HeelMail’s appearance?

When you view your mail through the HeelMail website, you can select one of several color themes, as well as change the layout by clicking on the “Options” menu.

Why is the Time on my Calendar Off?

Check the time zone in Options, then click on Settings and Regional.

Where is the BCC field?

When composing a new message click on the Options and there is a check box for BCC.

How do I set my Signature?

Click on the Options -> Settings -> Mail then you will be able to set your signature.


Why is Auto-discover failing in MS Outlook 2010?

There is a known issue with the auto discover feature in MS Outlook 2010 and live@edu accounts. Microsoft has released a hot-fix, which you will need to download and run with administrator rights based on your Office version. If you are doing this from a CCI computer or have had your computer reimaged by the ITRC, then you will choose the first link for the 32-bit version.

Hotfix for Microsoft Office 2010 32-bit or here


How do I set up Thunderbird to access HeelMail?

We recommend that you use an Exchange-based client such as Outlook to access HeelMail so you can get your email, calendar and contacts in your e-mail client, but you can use Thunderbird to access your e-mail.

For instructions, please visit Microsoft’s Set Up Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0 for Your E-mail Account.

Mobile Device

Can I check my e-mail using my mobile phone?

Yes, you can check your e-mail on an Internet-enabled mobile phone.

Please refer to the links for configuration and more details:

When configuring HeelMail on my phone I'm asked to accept security profiles. What are these?

HeelMail is designed to allow you to remotely wipe your phone in case you lose it. These security profiles give HeelMail that power.

What happens if I lose my phone after configuring HeelMail on it?

If your phone connects to HeelMail using Exchange ActiveSync and you lose it, you can go to the “Phones” section of Options on the HeelMail website, select your phone, and click “Wipe Device”. This will delete all data from your mobile phone. ITS also has the ability to access your account and initiate a remote wipe of configured phones, but they will only do so if you explicitly ask them to do so.




How can I configure my Android Device for HeelMail?

Please visit HeelMail Office365 Setup on Android for configuration instructions.

 iOS (iPhone, iPad, iTouch)

How can I configure my iOS Device for HeelMail?

Please visit HeelMail Office365 Setup on iOS for configuration instructions.

Why can't I access HeelMail website on my iPhone, iPad, or iTouch?

The Safari Mobile is not supported by Microsoft to allow connection to the http://heelium.unc.edu site. For a list of supported browsers and other information, please visit Microsoft’s Supported Browsers document. In order to access your email on this device please setup the Exchange Account under the Mail Account Settings. For instructions, please visit Campus Mail Cheat Sheet for HeelMail and Exchange.