Host Explorer – Installation and Setup

Download and Installation

The Web site to download this software from is UNC’s Shareware DistributionWeb Site.

You will be prompted for your Onyen and password before downloading the executable. Once the installation begins, accept all the defaults when prompted. Once this is installed you can open and configure an ITS Mainframe session.


Open the newly installed Hummingbird Neighborhood folder on your desktop. Double click on Default 3270. When prompted for a hostname put type in Click on connect and a session should open. If you receive a black screen with “Enter Passcode” at the top please see below for further instructions.

To save your session click on File and Save Session Profile. A recommended profile name is “ITS Mainframe”. You can also drag the ITS Mainframe icon from the Hummingbird Neighborhood folder to the desktop if a shortcut is desired.

If you receive the “Enter Passcode” prompt instead of the Information Technologies Servies Network Menu, you must use your SecurID Token or you can apply for an exemption to the SecurID requirement by following the instructions at the Information Security SecureID page.

Additional Help

Please call the IT Response Center at 962-HELP for help or clarification.