How much does it cost to install a single wireless access point?

How much does it cost to install a single wireless access points?

Unfortunately, some campus buildings have limited or no wireless network access availability. If your campus departmental unit needs wireless network coverage, please submit a Remedy ticket to ITS-NETWIFI group to schedule a site survey. The cost per indoor wireless access point is currently $1500. This one-time fixed cost covers the access point, cabling installation from the closet to the access point, warranties, maintenance and any riser or switch installations. All cost is charged to departments through ITS Communication Technologies.

To determine how many wireless access points are needed, schedule a time with NETWIFI group to conduct a wireless site survey for the areas needing coverage. One access point will usually cover a 2000 square ft area but there are other factors involved.

If you’d like to proceed with a site survey, let us know.

Note: Unauthorized wireless access installations are not permitted. Please review Wireless Networking Policy and Process for additional information.