How should I request help in Virtual Lab?

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ITS Response Center (ITRC Help Desk) is on call for help 24/7/365.


Call 962-HELP (4357) to speak to an ITS Response Center consultant.


Submit an Online Help Request to the ITS Response Center.

Log in with your Onyen. Under “Type of help needed, select “ITS Computer Labs” from the Choose an Issue menu, and select either “Maintenance Issue” or “Usage or Software Problem” under Choose a Secondary Issue. At problem description, enter as much information as possible prefacing the description with ‘virtual lab’ and then enter the description of problem: (i.e.,”Virtual Lab – do not have correct version of software installed,” “Virtual Lab – cannot install software using Chrome browser,” etc.).


Live chat with an ITS Response Center consultant.


At under SUPPORT, select Computer Labs or Printing from left side menu options or use the search engine for documents targeting:

Virtual Lab





Virtual Lab Help Documents