How to Add a Lockscreen to an Android Phone

How to Enable a Passcode Lockscreen for an Android Phone

Note: This help document was created using a generic Android 2.2 device. The screen shots and the menu options may vary depending on device manufacturer and the version of the Android OS running on the device.

1. Determine the version of Android OS installed on the Android phone.

2. From the home screen, select the Menu button, then select Settings:

3. Scroll down to Location & security. Select this option:

4. Scroll down and locate the heading Screen unlock. Under the Screen unlock heading, select Set up screen lock:

5. Select which type of password to use. The Information Security Office recommends Password. Please remember that general users must comply with the Password Policy for General Users:

6. The password must be entered twice, in order to verify that it is correct.

We would like to acknowledge California State University at Chico, from whose documentation this article was created.