ImageUltra Application Maps

What is an Application Map?

An application map is an ImageUltra base map that’s created in a repository separate from the main CCI repository and which has been designated for your school. The application map can be used to add applications or custom scripts that can be applied to the CCI base image. This can be very useful for tasks you find yourself repeatedly performing after every image on Staff and Faculty builds.

How does it work?

Once you have been setup with your repository and application map, you will be given the ImageUltra Builder software to install. This software will give you the ability to connect to your repository, create your own software modules and add them to your application map. A menu item for your application map will be added to the CCI Image customer menu. When a user chooses the Staff or Faculty option during the image process they will be presented with a secondary menu. This menu displays the available application maps by school name. These menu items require a password so that the contents of your application map are protected.

Your menu option will be available if you are deploying via the ImageUltra boot disc. If you are re-imaging from the service partition or have a new CCI computer, you must have a campus network connection and choose the Perform Network Synchronization option for your menu to be displayed.


You must have a campus network connection in order to manage your repository using the ImageUltra builder. You must also have a campus network connection to deploy your application map to your CCI computer. Campus IP addresses vary from location to location. From what we can tell, IP addresses starting with 152.2.x.x work fine. If you find that your computers are assigned something other than an address in that range then we may need to investigate into whether or not you require additional help getting setup. You will be given an ID and password for the ImageUltra Builder but will also need an Onyen/AD account to manage your application map.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in getting your department setup for an ImageUltra application map, send us a short message using the form here:

Please include your name and contact information along with the department/school you represent.

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