ImageUltra: Initial Setup of CCI Computers

Table of Contents


Initial Setup Directions

Using a Fixed IP Address

Initial Setup Without Network Connectivity


Your CCI computer comes setup with a means of updating the software on your computer when it is started the first time. This is done using a product called ImageUltra. In order to ensure that you take full advantage of the options ImageUltra offers you as well as get the latest updates, Microsoft Windows patches and Microsoft Office patches please follow the steps outlined in this document.

Initial Setup Directions

1. Connect your computer to a power source and an active network port.

2. Register your computer for DHCP.

    • This can be done using your Onyen at Choose DHCP Registration under Other Services.
    • DHCP registrations can take up to 20 minutes to complete. Please make sure you have allowed enough time for your registration to complete before proceeding.

3. Turn your computer on.

4. Choose the appropriate User Group and School menu options.

    • You will be presented with a list of options. You should choose the options that apply to the person who will be the primary user of this computer.

5. Confirm your menu choices and choose Start Installation.

6. Be patient. This process can take 15 minutes to complete or longer depending on the menu choices selected and the number of updates and patches that have been released recently.

7. Begin using your computer.

While your computer should have the latest versions of software, settings and Microsoft Windows and Office patches available through ImageUltra, it is always a good idea to run Windows Update after your machine is built. If you have additional questions or need assistance visit, call 962-HELP or contact your computer support personnel.

Using a Fixed IP Address

Be aware that using a fixed IP address will not work from all campus locations. If you are unsure whether it will work from your location, it is suggested that you build the machine using dhcp and add the static ip address information after the build is complete.

Before choosing one of the four options for a user group in Step 4, do the following:

1. Choose Configuration Menu from the first menu presented.

2. Select Switch to Static IP Address and enter all of the network information.

Do not guess at what information should be entered. This will cause the ImageUltra process to fail and cause significant delays. Contact your computer support personnel or the ITRC at 962-HELP for assistance.

3. Choose Continue.

4. Confirm that you are Currently using a Static IP address and hit the key to return to the group menu.

5. Return to Step 4 above and complete the setup process.

Initial Setup Without Network Connectivity

We strongly recommend that you follow the Initial Setup Directions as outlined above and setup your CCI computer while connected to the UNC-Chapel Hill data network. This will give you a computer with the latest updates, patches, and software versions. However, if this is not possible you can complete the initial setup of your CCI computer without being connected to the data network by simply not connecting the computer to an active network port in Step 1 of the Initial Setup Directions and skipping Step 2.

You will experience a two minute delay when the Initializing TCP/IP via DHCP… message appears. After this delay choose the Reboot and Skip Network Synchronization option. Be sure to run Windows Update or Microsoft Update after the build process is finished to get the latest patches and updates for your machine.