ImageUltra Service Partition Restore – How-To

Image Source: Hidden Service Partition & UNC Network if using Netsync

Image Time: 3 – 4 hours

Image Process:

This process will restore your computer to the original manufacturing install. Please backup any data you wish to keep. The re-image process will erase everything on your computer’s hard drive
Because of recent changes made to the imaging servers, machines that were imaged prior to 2009 may have issues with the netsync process. In these cases please download an IU boot disc and follow the instructions to re-image your computer using the Boot CD method.

To start the image process from the service partition on your CCI computer, press the F11 key just before the operating system begins to boot. You should see a message like the one below. Sometimes this message will flash very quickly. If you miss it you will need to reboot and try again.

Once your computer has finished booting from the service partition, click continue and you should see a screen similar to the one in the screenshot below. There is small difference in the Vista image when compared to the XP image. When performing an F11 service partition restore with a Vista load you will see a link in the top left corner labeled “Image Ultra” instead of “Image Ultra Builder”. Click the “Image Ultra” link and it will prompt you to restart. Click Yes to restart and when the machine reboots you will be presented with the screen below. The XP load will bring you directly to this screen without having to reboot.

The Image Ultra process has begun. It will locate the current image data and give you the option to syncronize with the network. If you have a working connection to the campus network (the MAC address has been DHCP registered), you can choose to perform the network synchronization. This will connect to the Image Ultra server and check for any updates to this image. Updates can include software updates and/or security patches. Or if the image is old enough, it could link you to a completely new version of the image in which case Image Ultra would need to download the entire image before beginning the restore process.

Choosing to Skip Network Syncronization will restore the computer using the image that exists on the service partition only.

After choosing whether or not the Netsync, you will be presented with the image menu. Please choose the option that best matches the person who will be using the computer.

Image times will vary. Please allow at least 3 – 4 hours for the image to complete. A message will be displayed asking to shutdown or reboot, indicating that the image has completed. At this point your computer will be prepared for its first use. The next time the computer is booted it will begin the process to create a new user account.