ITS Labs CCI Printing FAQs


What is CCI Printing and how much is the allotment?

All fee-paying students with no flags on their accounts receive a printing allotment issued from the ITS Print Plan account each semester. This allotment is applied to your One Card and used toward printing in supported locations.

The following are the number of pages you are allotted per semester:

  • Fall 400
  • Spring 400
  • SSI 175
  • SSII 175
  • May 175

Your new allotment will be assigned at the beginning of each semester.

What is Pharos?

Pharos, known as CCI printing client is the software package offered by the Carolina Computing Initiative that tracks your print plan funds. This package also provides a print management solution to UNC that enables you to: print less, reduce printing costs, and enhance printing security. The CCI printing client is installed on all ITS Labs computers, ITS Labs printing release stations and is available to be downloaded on your personal computer. The CCI printing client is also installed in the Virtual Lab.

Where are printers located?

Click here for supported printer locations.

Are there any color printers in the ITS Labs?

There are 2 color printers that can be used. One is in the Undergraduate Library (UL) and the other is in the Health Science Library. You must request and print your print job from the printing station next to the color printers in the library. The print queue for printing to the color printer is “ITS Color Print Queue.” Color Printing is automatically set to print double-sided and costs $0.30 per page.

You can also install the CCI Color print queue so that you can print color from your laptop. TO print using color, you must first install the CCI Color Queue. You must install both the CCI Color Queue and the Black & White Queue if you wish to print to both print queues. Once you install the Color Queue, you must select it when you print by selecting it in the Print Options. If you print to the normal CCI Printing Queue, you will not be able to print your document on the color printers.

Using CCI Printing

How do I submit a job from within an application using the CCI printing client?

  1. In the application to be printed, select File>Print.
  2. At the “Name” prompt in the Print pop-up window, select “ITS Print QueueorCCI_Printing.” Printing is automatically set to print double-sided. If you would like to make any changes to your print job (i.e.: number of copies, print only on 1 page, etc.) do it now. Click on the “OK” button at the bottom of the window. The Pop-up Client window will then be displayed.
  3. From this window, enter your Onyen. (If your Onyen is typed incorrectly, your job will not be sent to the print queue). Enter a descriptive name for your job (this name will be displayed when you retrieve your print job), and then click “OK.” This action will submit your print job to a print queue under your ONYEN. (A pop-up window displays in the bottom right-hand corner of screen, displaying the cost of your print job.)
  4. Your print job will remain in the queue for 60 minutes before automatically being deleted.

How do I print from a printing release station using the CCI printing client?

  1. You may go to any lab supported location (residence halls are restricted to residents).
  2. Next to each printer is a computer which has the CCI printing client software loaded and is known as the printing release station.
  3. Enter your Onyen and password to log on to the station.
  4. You will be asked to “Please swipe your card”. Swipe your UNC One Card or UNC Guest Card with the magnetic strip facing the light on the card swipe. This step pays for your printing.
  5. The Releasing Print Jobs popup window displays the jobs submitted and date queued under your Onyen. Select the job(s) and go to the bottom buttons and click the Print or Delete button.
  6. Log off the print release station and pick up your document(s).

How long will my print job stay in the print queue?

Print jobs are automatically deleted from a print queue after 1 hour of being submitted from your computer.

Can I send print jobs from my Mac computer to a CCI printing release station?

Yes. Click here for CCI printing client download instructions. For printing instructions click here.

Can I send print jobs from my personal computer to a CCI printing release station?

Yes. Click here for CCI printing client installation and printing instructions.

Can I send print jobs from my personal computer, mobile device or tablet using Virtual Lab to a CCI printing release station?

Yes. ITS Labs Virtual Lab has the CCI printing client installed. Click here for printing instructions.

One Card and Printing Balance

Will my unused pages carry over to the next semester?

No. Printing allotments do not roll over.

How can I get a refund for unprinted or unreadable pages?

Click here for refund instructions.

How can I tell what my print balance is?

Your balance, in dollars, is displayed at the release station after you swipe your One Card. You may also log in here on the One Card website to view your balance.

How can I add money to my UNC One Card?

To add money to your One Card Expense account, go to the One Card Office, a One Card Tarheel Teller, or submit a request over the web at

What if I am not covered with the allotted pages?

Non fee-paying students, faculty, and staff pay from their One Card’s Expense Account.

Can I submit a print job that goes over my allotted pages and pay for the balance?

No. CCI printing can only use one print plan per print job. Your CCI Print Plan must go to exactly $0.00 before you can print from your expense account. For example, if you only have 2 pre-paid pages left and you submit a job that is 10 pages, you must break your print job into 2 separate jobs. You must send 2 pages to print from the ITS print plan and the remaining 8 pages to print from your expense account.

If you use color printing and have a remaining balance of $0.05 on your CCI Print Plan, you must contact the One Card Office (919-962-8024 or go to to clear the print plan before you can print using your expense account.

Known Issues

What happened to the network printers on my Vista machine?

If you install a network printer on a computer using Microsoft Vista, along with the CCI printing client for Vista, sending a print job to the network printer will cause the print spooler to stop working and all printers to disappear. Currently the CCI printing client does not have a solution for this, and uninstalling the printing client is the only way to get the network printers to function properly.Why isn’t the CCI Printing popup appearing when I print from my OSX device?

Why isn't the CCI Printing popup appearing when I print from my OSX device?

This is likely due to the popup not running.  This should automatically start running when you start your machine, however if it is not, you can manually start it.  In order to manually enable the popup, open your hard drive in finder and go to Library > Application Support > Pharos > Popup.  Start Popup.  Once it is running, you should be able to print.

Failed to connect to host AUXPRINT3 on port 28203 error on Windows CCI Color Printer

This error occurs because a windows registry entry is missing or incorrect.  In order to get the CCI Color Printer to work properly, do the following:

1) Open the Windows Registry editor by going to Start->Run->enter “regedit”.

2) On the left, browse to the following location:

“Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WOW6432Node\Pharos\Popup Client\LocalPrinters\CCI Color Printing”

3) On the right, there should be a key named “printserveraddress”.  This name needs to have the value “”.

Once this item is updated, you may have to restart the machine and CCI Color Printing should work.