Mass Storage – Creating and Accessing Space


Only faculty, staff, and graduate students may subscribe to the Mass Storage tape archival service. Be sure to read and understand the intended use of the Mass Storage system, the Appropriate Use Policy and Things to Avoid before subscribing to this service.  You can subscribe to Mass Storage services from the Onyen Services web page.  Select Subscribe to Services and then click on one of the Research Computing services (ie Kure or KillDevil).  After a few hours, a link to a mass storage directory, ms/, will be created in your home directory.  You can then access that directory from many of the Research Computing servers.

Note that storage resources are finite; we cannot store an unlimited amount of data. If you will need to store more than 1 Terabytes of data, you can contact Research Computing group ( to arrange to purchase tapes. In this case, please contact Research Computing staff at least two months in advance to discuss tape purchases as well as to discuss performance issues and anticipated usage patterns.

In some circumstances, it may be useful for departments to have mass storage space where collaborators and project teams can store data shared by all members of the group. To request departmental mass storage space, open a Help Request ticket. Include the following in the Help Request ticket:

  • Directory name
  • Primary and second name contacts
  • Unix group name (no longer than 8 characters)
  • Onyens accounts to be added to the Unix group
  • Amount of data you need to store (recall that you will need to purchase tapes for amounts greater than 100 gigabytes)

If you are currently doing any large moves or copies of data (as to or from mass storage) while on the Linux cluster we hope you will use the LSF command:

bsub -q ms cp /netscr/myonyen/output/* /ms/home/m/y/myonyen/saved_output

This bsub command, issued with the “-q ms” parameters, will submit your copy or move job to a host with very good connectivity to the mass storage system. We expect these hosts to handle multiple data moves well, removing this burden from the KillDevil login nodes.

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