Mass Storage – Long Term Storage of Files

We have chosen to implement StorNext as our mass storage software. We believe that any non-deleted file that is on Mass Storage tape will be retrievable for as long as the tape remains readable. Due to the unknown longevity of tape media, we can not guarantee how long tapes will remain readable. However, we have taken steps to insure, as much as possible, that files that have not been deleted will be available for as long as we own the tapes. The tapes we currently own have a shelf life of 10 years but we attempt to migrate onto new tape technology for better compression of data per tape. We keep two copies of every file, we keep the tapes in a climate-controlled room, and we periodically move the second copies to a separate storage facility. It is also possible that files will be corrupted when written to tape (both copies) and such files may not be recoverable. Because data are stored in a non-proprietary format, and encryption is not used when writing tapes, you should NOT use mass storage to archive or store any sensitive data.

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