NAS ~snapshot Directories


ITS offers a Network Attached Storage (NAS) file service solution. Departmental storage is hosted on \\ Personal home directories are hosted on \\  This document discusses snapshots and how you use them to recover previous versions of files and folders.

~snapshot directory

A special directory called ~snapshot is published at the root of each top level file system.  This is a read only view of different states of the file system.  Users can browse these directories and restore previous versions of files and folders to their regular working space.  Macs and Samba clients do not have the ability to use Microsoft’s “Previous Versions” functionality.  Publishing the ~snapshot directories provides an alternative restore method for these customers.

Alternative Methods

Previous Versions is a native functionality built into Microsoft Windows and Server operating systems.  Previous Versions is available as a special tab under Properties for files and folders.  Previous Versions allows the user to open read only past views of the file system.  Please see help document for assistance and a walkthrough on Previous Versions.

Getting Started

To find out more details about NAS service offerings please contact the IT Response Center.