NAC – Apple Setup & FAQs

The NAC service helps make the UNC Network more secure and safe by better protecting our customers from electronic threats (viruses, spyware, etc.). For more information on this service, please visit:

Apple NAC Installation Guide

1. Open a web browser. When you try to access a website, you will be prompted to click a link to “connect to the network”. Click the link.

2. Click the Download & Install button to download the client to your computer.  You may also visit to download NAC.

3. After the file is downloaded, please open or run the installer.  You will be prompted to choose which installer at this point.  10.8 and earlier or 10.9+.  Based on your version of OSX, please make the appropriate choice.  Note that if you choose the wrong installer, it simply won’t work.  For 10.8 or earlier users, you must install Java first.  The installer will do this for you, but you will need to run the installer a 2nd time to actually install NAC.

4. Follow the installation steps and after the client is successfully installed, a purple square with a white “E” should appear in your Finder bar. If you see green arrows overlapping the “E”, then the client is still installing, so be patient. If there are no green arrows overlapping the “E” the client is successfully installed and you can continue.



1.  Why does NAC disappear from my menubar?

NAC on OS X 10.8 and earlier requires Java to run properly.  It’s possible that Java or the application has crashed.  You can try to restart the app by simply searching for NAC in your Finder or try rebooting.  We highly recommend you upgrade to at least OSX 10.9, which uses a new version of NAC that should resolve this issue.

2. How do I delete NAC?

Simply open your Applications\Utilities folder and drag the E icon to the Trash.  You must Empty your Trash to completely remove it.  You may also need to open your Settings\Users & Groups\Your User Name\Login Items and delete the Login Item for NAC.