OneDrive for Groups – How to Create a New Group

Follow these steps to create a new OneDrive Group:

Open in your web browser.
Enter your Onyen and password:


Click “Office365Groups” (circled in red below):


Click “Create Group” (circled in red below):


Select the Yes or No radio button on whether or not you will be storing sensitive data.  This setting is being recorded for informational purposes only.
Enter a Display Name.  This will be the name displayed in Office 365.
As you enter the Display Name, the Group Name field will dynamically populate.  You can change it if desired.
Note that an email address is also created – OneDrive Groups are mail enabled.

In the example below, “ITS – My Test Group” was entered as an example.

Select submit once you’ve entered the information.  Note that you may be prompted for an alternative Group Name if you enter one that is already in use.  They must be unique.
The group creation will take a few minutes.  You will receive an email once the group creation is complete.


Note: Once the OneDrive Group has been created, you can associate a OneDrive Team with it.  This link has instructions for creating the Team.


Links to training and help documents:

If you need assistance with these instructions, contact us via one of the Other ITS Help Options.

Microsoft Documentation
Check out Microsoft’s Support Site for Office 365 ( Microsoft also has some great training videos you can watch to become familiar with using Office 365 applications. Please visit the Office Training Center