OneDrive – Viewing/Managing Group Membership

OneDrive Group “owners” have the ability to manage group membership. By default, the user that created a group is its owner. The group owner has the option to assign other users as owners.

How To View Group Membership

Navigate to the OneDrive Group you wish to view. Click the square box next to the OneDrive Group name to take you to the home site for the group (circled in red below):


Click the “members” link near the top right of the screen (circled in red below):


A new “Group membership” popup window will slide in from the right.


To modify the permissions of the existing users, select the down arrow next to their name.
You will see 3 options.  In the example below, the user is an owner of the group signified by the check mark.
You can make them just a member or delete them by changing the option.


To add a user, click the “Add members” box.  Enter the name of the user.  You will see a list of possible matches.  Select the appropriate user and click “Save”.


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Microsoft Documentation
Check out Microsoft’s Support Site for Office 365 ( Microsoft also has some great training videos you can watch to become familiar with using Office 365 applications. Please visit the Office Training Center