Package Space Applications – gcc


gcc is the GNU project C compiler.

The software package consists of the gcc, g++, and gfortran compilers, libraries, and man pages.

  • gcc is the executable a user runs to invoke the cc compiler. It lives in bin.
  • g++ is the executable a user runs to invoke the c++ compiler. It lives in bin.
  • gfortran is the executable a user runs to invoke the fortran compiler. It lives in bin.

The gcc package is available for the Linux operating system only.


You can run gcc in one of three ways: locally, out of AFS Space, or on TarHeel Linux:

Running locally

Follow these steps to load the gcc package on a local machine:

1. Go to the gcc Package Space Local Downloads page.

2. Click on the name of the gcc-dci version you wish to download.

3. Follow the installation instructions on the download page.

Running out of AFS Space

Make sure you are subscribed to the gcc package:

%  ipm  add  gcc

Then invoke gcc package binaries as follows:

%  [binary]  [options]

Files live in /afs/isis/pkg/gcc.

Running on TarHeel Linux

gcc is also available for TarHeel Linux. To install gcc on TarHeel Linux 6 , use the following command.

%  yum install gcc-thl


1. The latest version available for local download is gcc 4.9.1. Vendor release date: July 16, 2014.

2. The latest version available for TarHeel Linux and AFS space is gcc 4.9.0. Vendor release date: April 22, 2014.

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This package can be managed using the scl command.