SEP11 Home Use package

Effective August 1, 2013, the UNC-Chapel Hill for any antivirus software licensed by Symantec will expire. Symantec will be replaced with antivirus software by Microsoft.  Please visit Migration from Symantec to Microsoft and What is the University’s recommended Antivirus software? for more information.

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) version 11 for Home Use


The SEP11 Home Use version is intended for use on the personal machines of faculty and staff. It is provided free of charge of UNC-Chapel Hill affiliated employees and can be downloaded from the Shareware site (

When installing and using the Home Use version of SEP11, please keep the following in mind:

  • The software is configured to automatically update to the latest virus definitions when connected to the internet
  • The software is configured to perform a full scan of the computer at midnight on the first of every month
    • Additional scans can be scheduled or set up adhoc by the user through the client interface (see below for instructions)
  • Unless connected remotely to the UNC-1 network through VPN or connected through an on-campus location, the antivirus software itself will not be updated to the latest configurations.

To schedule additional scans for the computer, please follow this procedure:

  • Click on the yellow SEP11 shield in the taskbar which will launch the SEP11 user interface
  • Select “Scan for threats”
  • To schedule a scan at regular times or an on demand scan
    • click on “Create a New Scan”
    • Select from the menu the appropriate scan option. Keep in mind that a full scan will last significantly longer than an active scan, but an active scan will not scan all files.
    • Go to “Next”
    • Selecting the default options is acceptable for “Scan Options.
    • Go to “next”
    • On the “When to Scan” menu select whether the scan should be a on-demand or regular scan. If “at specified times” is selected, a window will open to set date and time for the regular scan.
    • Go to “Next” and in the Window “Scan Name” enter a name for the specific scan and click finish.
  • To immediately run an active or full scan, click on the appropriate option. The scan will start immediately.
    • The scan can be canceled or paused.

To update the SEP11 software version:

  • To maintain the security of the central Symantec infrastructure, access to the update servers is limited to on campus computers. We expect that Symantec will update the SEP11 client software up to four times a year. Users running SEP11 client software on machines off-campus can update to the latest SEP11 client software using two different methods:
    • Connect to campus using VPN software which is available through the site.
    • Download the latest version of the SEP11 software directly from the site.