Subversion Repository at Research Computing

About Subversion Hosted at Research Computing

Apache Subversion (SVN) is a popular version control system made available to Research Computing customers upon request. Some features of this repository hosting implementation are:

Secure network access HTTPS/SSL

Access restricted to UNC network or Campus VPN

Kerberos (ONYEN) authentication

Daily repository back-ups

Directory-level permissions

Requesting Access to the Repository

To request a new SVN repository, send an email to rc-svn [@] with the following information:

Desired repository name

ONYENs of repository users

In many traditional code versioning repositories, there is a commonly used directory structure (trunk, branches, tags).  However, we are (so far) allowing users to set up their own structure and not dictating.

Using Subversion

Please see Accessing and Using Research Computing’s Subversion Repositories for implementation specific details.