Taking Your E-Mail and Data With You When You Leave

About Your E-Mail & AFS Space

After you leave the university, your access to services that require an Onyen is subject to termination.
For more information, please see How long will my Onyen account stay active after I graduate?

Downloading & Backing Up Your E-Mail

Saving email to local folders will leave the email in its original format, including attachments. This option also allows you to easily upload your saved emails to a new service that supports IMAP mail folders on the mail server. The email program you like to use will determine what options are available to you. You can get information on how to download your e-mail locally to local folders by clicking on Help > Getting Help in your particular email program.

Refer to theĀ ITS supported email programs for instructions:

For further assistance, speak to customer support for your new email provider.

Graduation: Alumni Forwarding

The UNC General Alumni Association is pleased to offer free e-mail forwarding as a courtesy for all UNC alumni, current UNC students, and associate General Alumni Association members. All e-mail sent to your alumni e-mail address will be automatically forwarded to an e-mail address of your choice. This @alumni.unc.edu address is only an e-mail alias, so we recommend that you sign up for an e-mail account for your alumni e-mails to be forwarded to, such as GMail, Yahoo! Mail, or Hotmail.

For more information, please visit UNC Alumni Association’s Email Forwarding.

Bouncing your Messages to Another Email Account

If you have a non-UNC e-mail account, you might want to send your messages to the new account rather than saving them to a file. If you want to try this option, consider bouncing your messages to the new account. Bouncing is like forwarding except the messages still look like they came from the original sender and also have the original times and dates (instead of being stamped with the time and date of the day you bounce the message). For more information on how to bounce email from the supported email programs, please see the article titled Instructions on How to Bounce Email.

You will need to do this for all of your email folders. Also bear in mind that if your new account has a quota, don’t exceed the quota by sending too many messages to your new account.

Note About Mail Forwarding
Once you’ve transferred your messages, go ahead and inform your friends and associates that your email address will be changing soon. If you set up Mail Forwarding (HeelMail Only), remember that it is subject to termination 60 days after you are officially deemed unaffiliated with the University, along with your other Onyen services. You might consider using the Vacation Service to automatically send back a message informing people about your change of email address.

Backing Up Your AFS Files