UNC-Secure Configuration for Windows Vista/7/8 and RT

Note:  If you are using another Operating System other than Windows, then visit the document Connecting to the UNC Wireless Network – Getting Started to select your Operating System or device. This document was written for version Vista through 8 of the Windows operating system. Each versions may look slightly different than the screenshots below. If so, please view the Help in your system for more details or instructions.

In order to configure or access UNC-Secure on Windows Vista/7/8 or RT operating system to access the UNC-Secure wireless network.

Connecting Windows:

Automated Setup (Text Only)

  • Connect to UNC-Setup.
    • Once you are connected to the UNC-Setup wireless network, a page with instructions on how to proceed should open.  If the page does not open automatically, then please open a web browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) and go to https://enrollment.net.unc.edu
  • Click on Faculty/Student/Staff Portal
  • Click on Best Setup for UNC-Secure Access.
  • Click on Continue.
  • Login with Onyen and Password.
    • Click on Continue.
  • Input a description (i.e Lenovo T61, can be lowercase).
  • Choose Option 1.
    • Note:  Internet Explorer will prompt a yellow box to Allow the install of XpressConnect application.
  • Click on Yes to accept User Account Control prompt.  You may be prompted twice.
    • An XpressConnect Wizard should launch and start to configure the computer or device for connection to UNC-Secure.
    • If this Wizard does not launch you can manually download the wizard by clicking on the manually download link.

Click the navigation arrows to scroll through images for automated setup.