UNCTIM – Time Information Management

MAC users or employees who receive an error message requiring a Java plug-in download while using TIM on a Browser, can access TIM using the alternative, non-Java version, http://unctim.unc.edu/employee.

•    Reference guides for the non-Java version of TIM are located at, http://finance.unc.edu/finance-division/training/training-overview.html#tim

All TIM administrators or Managers who process advanced functions, (such as editing schedules and moving hours), or if you find the HTML version of TIM is not meeting your needs, should continue to use the latest version of UNCTIM Thinstall to access TIM.  If you have not installed UNCTIM Thinstall since April 13, 2012, please make sure you delete the current version of UNCTIM5.1 or UNCTIMWIN7 from your desktop and then download the latest version of UNCTIM6.1 to from the Shareware Site to your desktop.

Click here for instructions on how to install the UNCTIM Thinstall version 6.1 to access UNCTIM.

► Contact your Department’s IT Support Group or call 962-HELP (4357) if you need assistance with installing TIM.

► For information about TIM and to access TIM training materials, please visit http://finance.unc.edu/university-controller/time-information-management-tim/welcome.html