Connecting to the UNC Network – Tivo

Setting up TiVo on the campus network is a very simple, three-step process:

WARNING:  As of December 2014 our CATV system was upgraded and it now requires a QAM capable tuner to function.  Our understanding from TIVO is that they do not support QAM, therefore these devices may no longer work on-campus.  We recommend contacting TIVO directly to confirm or to see if they can offer any solutions.

Determine the MAC Address of your TiVo unit

  • Open the Tivo Menu.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Phone/Network.
  • The MAC address should be listed on that screen along with the IP address.  If you have both a wired and a wireless interface on the TiVo, take note of the MAC address for the interface you’re planning to use.

Register the MAC Address of your TiVo unit

  • Go to a computer already connected to the Internet.
  • Visit the Onyen services page at
  • Choose the DHCP Registration link. You will need your Onyen, Onyen password, and hardware address(es), to register your device.
  • You will also need to have your Media Streaming device’s address white-listed to help avoid connection issues with NAC.  Please contact Frontline Support Services for assistance.

Connect to the Network

Physically connect your TiVo unit to the campus network using an Ethernet cord or connect through wireless to the UNC-PSK network.