Remedy Alert End-of-Life (Onyen Restricted)
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Groups Management with Grouper (Onyen Restricted)
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How to export calendar and import using .pst file in Office 2016
Description: Click File: In Outlook, click file in the upper left corner. Open & Export: Click on Open & Export on the left then select Import/Export Export to a File: Highlight export to a file and click next   Highlight Outlook Data File: Highlight Outlook Data File (.pst) Select the Calendar: Select the calendar you want […]
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How to Manually Update the Global Address List (GAL)
Description: Why and when would I need to update the GAL? When searching for a user in outlook using the address book and: You cannot find the person You can find the person and their email address is not listed or incorrect. This is usually due to a sync issue with the exchange server which is […]
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Dual Affiliate FAQ
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Outage After Action Summaries (Onyen Restricted)
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Creating Change Plans in accordance with ITS Change Process
Description: The purpose of the Change Plan application is to manage changes and provide Change Notifications so that staff and customers can plan accordingly. Changes require serious forethought, careful monitoring, and followup evaluation to reduce negative impact and increase positive benefits. There are four types of changes necessary for conducting normal operations for ITS. The ITS […]
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Developer Directory Information post-ConnectCarolina HCM and Finance (Onyen Restricted)
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Creating an Onyen
Description: Click the navigation arrows to scroll through images for Creating an Onyen.   Once you have created your Onyen, most services that require an Onyen to access will be available to you immediately. There are, however, a few Onyen services that will not be available for several hours. You will need to sign up for […]
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Onyen Password Challenge-Response Questions FAQs
Description: What is the Password Challenge Response System? The Onyen Password Challenge-Response System is a service UNC provides for student, faculty and staff members who have forgotten their Onyen passwords and wish to reset them without physically coming to the IT Response Center by calling 919-962-HELP (4357) or 1-866-962-4457 (US and Puerto Rico) to verify identity […]
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