Creating an Onyen
Description: What is the Onyen?  All UNC-CH students, faculty, and staff can obtain an Onyen provided they have an active affiliation with the University.  In general, an active affiliation means that an individual is enrolled in a course of study as a student or is a member of the faculty or staff. Information on how one […]
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Onyen Password Challenge-Response Questions FAQs
Description: What is the Password Challenge Response System? The Onyen Password Challenge-Response System is a service UNC provides for student, faculty and staff members who have forgotten their Onyen passwords and wish to reset them without physically coming to the IT Response Center, faxing over proof of identity (see PDF Form), or calling 919-962-HELP (4357) or […]
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Onyen and Password FAQs
Description: What is an Onyen? Onyen is the name for UNC’s campus-wide identifier that you can use to gain access to various electronic resources on campus. Although it is a word, you can think of it as an acronym for the “Only Name You’ll Ever Need.” The distinctive name is intended to prevent confusion with the […]
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What Is
Description:, like TinyURL, is a URL shortening service. It is maintained by UNC-CH Finance and Administration. For customer questions and assistance, Remedy tickets should be submitted to Finance and Administration IT (Campus Services-IT).
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UNC-Secure Guest Sponsorship Portal
Description: The UNC-Secure Guest Sponsor Portal will allow registered administrators across campus departments an alternative means to allow network access for visitors. This method should be used for small to medium levels of granting guest access. The preferred method for large visitor access (such as conferences) will be the standard UNC-Guest access requests which should be […]
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What is RAMSeS?
Description: RAMSeS (Research Administration Management System & eSubmission) is an application used by several university groups, including the Office of Research Information Systems (ORIS), the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR), the School of Medicine Sponsored Programs Office (SPO), the Office of Clinical Trials to conduct and manage research. This application is supported by the RED-TECHSUPPORT (Research […]
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FERPA Training
Description: If you are looking for information about FERPA training please visit the Registrar Training site.
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TIM Maintenance
Description: The UNC Time Information Management System (TIM) is Unavailable at this time. The system is undergoing planned maintenance and is unavailable for access. Please note your work times during this planned downtime and provide them to your Manager or TIM Administrator for entry in TIM.
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What is the UNC-PSK SSID? (Onyen Restricted)
Description: -
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TIM Downtime
Description: The UNC Time Information Management System T.I.M. is Unavailable at this time The system is experiencing a critical issue.  The ITS staff is aware of the issue and is currently working to resolve it. Please note your work times during this planned downtime and provide them to your Manager or TIM Administrator for entry in TIM. […]
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