Groups Management with Grouper (Onyen Restricted)
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What Is
Description:, like TinyURL, is a URL shortening service. It is maintained by UNC-CH Finance and Administration. For customer questions and assistance, Remedy tickets should be submitted to Finance and Administration IT (Campus Services-IT).
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What is AdmissionPros?
Description: What is AdmissionPros? AdmissionPros is an application used by Undergraduate Admissions for processing applications for undergraduate admissions, recruiting high school students (prospects), or processing transfers. It is their main database program which they use to track applicants.
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Host Explorer – Installation and Setup
Description: Download and Installation The Web site to download this software from is UNC’s Shareware DistributionWeb Site. You will be prompted for your Onyen and password before downloading the executable. Once the installation begins, accept all the defaults when prompted. Once this is installed you can open and configure an ITS Mainframe session. Setup Open the […]
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What is the Central Airfare Billing System (CABS)?
Description: What is the Central Airfare Billing System (CABS)? The Central Airfare Billing System (CABS) is an effective and efficient method for faculty, staff, and student travelers to purchase airline tickets for University business trips and bill the University directly. CABS is a web-based application designed to provide an easy to use method for requesting air-travel […]
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Finan$eer Contact Information
Description: HELP With Any Problems For general help with Finan$eer, contact the IT Response Center by submitting an Online Help Request or by calling 919-962-HELP FRS Access To request access to Finan$eer, download the Consolidated FRS Single User Online Access Request form (.pdf). This form should be filled out electronically and then printed so that it […]
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What Is Finan$eer?
Description: What Is Finan$eer? Finan$eer is a graphical financial application that provides enhanced access to information in the Financial Record System (FRS). Finan$eer is a service provided by UNC-Chapel Hill to employees who need to view FRS accounting information. One popular feature is the Overview, a special summary or executive level view of one or more […]
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Finan$eer 4.0 Setup
Description: Table of Contents What is Finan$eer? Running Finan$eer Setup Requirements and Updating Additional Help What is Finan$eer? Finan$eer is a web-enabled application that provides an interface to information in the Financial Record System (FRS). This document provides setup instructions for the most recent version of the application, Finan$eer 4.0. For more information about Finan$eer please […]
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What is the University Purchasing Card System?
Description: What is the University Purchasing Card System? The on-line Purchasing Card System is a Web based application that interfaces with a bank’s Visa Card program. The application allows departmental personnel to look at charges made on their cards and assign account numbers and tax amounts to those charges on-line. For more information about the Purchasing […]
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What is the Financial Records System (FRS)?
Description: These actions and functions now occur in ConnectCarolina. This information is being made available for a limited time period and only for your reference. For more information, please see What is the Financial Records System (FRS)? On-line access to the Financial Records System (FRS) providesdepartments with inquiry access to their current financial records andtransactions, […]
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