What Is go.unc.edu?
Description: Go.unc.edu, like TinyURL, is a URL shortening service. It is maintained by UNC-CH Finance and Administration. For customer questions and assistance, Remedy tickets should be submitted to Finance and Administration IT (Campus Services-IT).
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What is RAMSeS?
Description: RAMSeS (Research Administration Management System & eSubmission) is an application used by several university groups, including the Office of Research Information Systems (ORIS), the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR), the School of Medicine Sponsored Programs Office (SPO), the Office of Clinical Trials to conduct and manage research. This application is supported by the RED-TECHSUPPORT (Research […]
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What is VixWin?
Description: What is VixWin? VixWin is a digital x-ray system. It is part of the Dolphin Imaging software used by the School of Dentistry. This application is supported by the ITS-OSS-ORTHODONTICS Remedy group.
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What is LexisNexis (LexisNexis)?
Description: What is LexisNexis (LexisNexis)? LexisNexis is a subscription-based legal reference service used by the Office of Legal Counsel. LexisNexis is also available for use by patrons of the Law School Library. Questions about and problems with LexisNexis from individuals associated with the Office of Legal Counsel should be sent to the ITS-OSS-SOUTH-BUILDING Remedy Group. Mark […]
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What is UNC P & A?
Description: What is UNC P & A? UNC Physicians and Associates. It is the billing department for UNC Hospitals. It is the most extensive application being supported. It is an umbrella application for many apps.
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What is HRIS (Human Resources Information System)?
Description: What is HRIS (Human Resources Information System)? The Inpower Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a web-based application that is used to process personnel actions for employees of the University who are subject to the provisions of the State Personnel Act (SPA). It is used by Human Resources. Problems with or questions about HRIS should […]
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What is the College Foundation of NC (CFNC) web site?
Description: What is the College Foundation of NC (CFNC) web site? College Foundation, Inc. (CFI) is a nonprofit corporation that has been offering students and parents financial assistance since 1955. CFI is the central loan originator and servicer for North Carolina’s Federal Family Education Loan Program for post-secondary education. CFI also serves as administrative agent for […]
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Who supports user setup for WebFocus?
Description: Who supports user setup for WebFocus? For Finance, contact the campus FRS Coordinator at 962-3722. For Student Information, contact the SIS Coordinator at the Registrar’s Office at 962-3954.
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What is Web FOCUS (WebFOCUS)?
Description: What is Web FOCUS (WebFOCUS)? WebFOCUS is a powerful tool for generating, scheduling and distributing reports. Authorized UNC-Chapel Hill employees can use WebFOCUS to create ad hoc or standard reports using this easy-to-learn web-based system. The WebFOCUS application draws on the University’s Data Warehousing initiative, which extracts data from UNC-Chapel Hill operational systems such as […]
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Finance Central FAQ
Description: These actions and functions now occur in ConnectCarolina. This information is being made available for a limited time period and only for your reference. For more information, please see http://ccinfo.unc.edu. Overview What is Finance Central? Finance Central is an application that provides web-based access to UNC-Chapel Hill financial tools. Users can access Finance Central (Web […]
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