Host Explorer – Installation and Setup
Description: Download and Installation The Web site to download this software from is UNC’s Shareware DistributionWeb Site. You will be prompted for your Onyen and password before downloading the executable. Once the installation begins, accept all the defaults when prompted. Once this is installed you can open and configure an ITS Mainframe session. Setup Open the […]
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How do I obtain a FACS ID?
Description: To get your own FACS ID, for authorized use of enterprise applications such as Finan$eer and WebFOCUS, consult the List of FACS Coordinators to find the coordinator for your department. You must be a member of the University staff or faculty to have a FACS ID. If you are unable to determine or contact your […]
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What is the Information Technology Purchases System (ITP)?
Description: What is the Information Technology Purchases System (ITP)? The Information Technology Purchases (ITP) System is a web based application, developed to facilitate information technology purchasing, provide automated tracking of purchases and produce comprehensive reports on all technology purchases for trend analysis and future budgeting purposes. The expansion in small purchase flexibility, such as the Procurement […]
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