Classroom Hotline Contact Info
Description: ITS Classroom Hotline 08 Peabody Hall, CB 3503 Chapel Hill, NC 27599 Phone: (919) 962-6702 Fax: (919) 962-8349 Office Hours: 7:30am – 5:00pm, Monday – Friday Limited Classroom Support: 5:00pm – 10:00pm, Monday – Thursday Manager: Gina Platz Directions to the Classroom Hotline Office The Classroom Hotline is located in 08 Peabody Hall […]
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How do I participate in the Carolina Course Evaluations program?
Description: IT Infrastructure and Operations handles the Carolina Course Evaluations program. To participate in the Carolina Course Evaluations program, each department must identify one Course Evaluations Subject Coordinator. For more information about the program and to register as a Subject Coordinator go to the Carolina Course Evaluations web page.
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What different services does Multimedia Classroom Design offer?
Description: What different services does Multimedia Classroom Design offer? At Multimedia Classroom Design, we can offer you a variety of helpful services when creating your room. We start with design and consultation. We believe that preliminary design and planning is key to a successful and functional room. Next, we move on to equipment procurement. By going […]
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How can I judge if a website is a good educational resource?
Description: With millions of pages on the Web purporting to serve educational purposes, how do educators sort out the good from the bad, the useful ones from the time-wasters? ITS Teaching and Learning has prepared a resource guide to help faculty evaluate websites. “Evaluating Websites for Educational Uses: Bibliography and Checklist” includes articles from librarians and […]
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Clickers (CPS): FAQs for Instructors
Description: Table of Contents Why should I consider using clickers? Do I have to use the eInstruction CPS clickers? How can I learn how to use eInstruction CPS? I plan to use clickers in an upcoming course. What should I do next? I’m not sure if using clickers is a good match with my teaching style, […]
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Clicker Tips and Resources for Instructors
Description: Table of Contents New resources Clickers as instructional tools Talking with students about the technology Course management tips Writing effective questions Research articles New resources An archived webcast that demonstrates effective questioning strategies and describes best practices for use: ” Classroom Response Systems: Teaching with Clickers,” led by Dr. Derek Bruff, Assistant Director, Center for […]
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What equipment comes within a standard “smart room?”
Description: What equipment comes within a standard “smart room?” Typically, for our class/conference rooms, we provide and use the following equipment/options: Instructor’s Podium. The podium can be either fixed or moveable. At the podium, there is a laptop connection that enables the instructor/lecturer to display his/her laptop from the projector. There is also an option for […]
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Clickers (CPS): FAQ for Students
Description: Why is ITS-TL recommending that instructors use the eInstruction class response system? The primary reason for recommending a campus standard is to minimize the number of different clickers that students are asked to purchase. Signing a standardization contract with eInstruction also means lower registration fees for students. eInstruction was selected with input from both student […]
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What resources are available for dealing with plagiarism?
Description: The availability of web pages and electronic texts has increased concern about plagiarism. While search engines and commercial detection software offer new ways to identify sources that have not been attributed appropriately, these searching tools do not address the complicated issue of teaching students to incorporate information from other authors into their own writing. The […]
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What services are available to help me manage and share my multimedia collections?
Description: UNC Digital Library Services are a set of web-based tools and services designed to help instructors and researchers manage their media collections. These services are currently being piloted, although any faculty member or instructor is welcome to participate. More information available at the UNC Digital Library Project website.
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