Outlook Web App Login Changes
Description: On Dec 19th, 2015 the login for the on-premise Exchange system will change.  This change is part of a series of changes that will enable better integration with Office 365.  You will still be able to login with your Username as onyen and Password as onyen password. The OWA login screens are as follows:   […]
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How to export your email to a pst or local folder in Microsoft Outlook?
Description: Creating a PST or local folder in Microsoft Outlook Once your Campus Exchange account is configured in Outlook.  This document is written to take a person through the steps of creating a pst file (Win) or moving email to a local folder (Mac). Note:  The following process can lead to removing the email from your […]
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[Exchange] UNC Holiday Calendar
Description: In order to view the UNC Holidays on your calendar you will need to open a shared calendar called “UNC Holidays“. Please follow the instructions below to add the shared calendar: Windows Mac OS X Web
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How to login to Office 365
Description: The University is transitioning to Office 365, along with this transition comes with a new way to login called Federated Login.  Please see the examples below, and note that most Microsoft Federation Login Sites will take you to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Login site. Federated Login(s)  
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[Exchange] ActiveSync Encryption for Mobile Devices
Description: The Information Security Office and the Exchange support team have collaborated to create and test ActiveSync mailbox rule changes that will go into effect on May 5, for ITS departmental staff members. This change will require that any smartphone/tablet trying to check University email via Exchange have the following three security settings in place: A […]
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How to forward suspect Phishing & SPAM Email Messages for Evaluation
Description: The university’s Cisco Iron-Port filtering system allows us to report both Phishing and SPAM emails directly to Cisco.  This document is written to assist in forwarding suspect Phishing and SPAM emails. What is a Phishing or SPAM Email? Phishing is email that attempts to capture login credentials, sensitive or financial information, or both.  In some […]
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Getting Connected at UNC
Description: Wireless Connecting to the UNC Wireless Network Email  Campus Email Cheat Sheet     Heelmail (live.unc.edu) Outlook Android iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)     Exchange (ad.unc.edu) Outlook Web App Outlook 2010 and 2013 (Win) Outlook 2011 (Mac) Android iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) Antivirus      Personally Owned Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows) ClamX Antivirus (Mac)      University Owned Microsoft […]
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Sending Email Without SMTP Authentication
Description: Email automatically generated through servers, workstations or printer/scanner/fax machines can be sent through UNC’s email system without requiring SMTP authentication. As of 12/19/2013, the need to register machines to add them to the relay.unc.edu whitelist will no longer be required. All machines which send email through the sub-net ranges listed here (except for UNC Guest […]
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[Exchange/Lync/Sharepoint] How do I add my picture?
Description: The University has added a new feature that is now available on Exchange Global Address List, Lync, and SharePoint.  For a while now, users have been inquiring about how they could add a picture to the Exchange Global Address List and Lync.  We now have a way for users to do this.  Images can be […]
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[Exchange] How to Configure a Shared Mailbox as an Outlook Profile?
Description: This document is written to assist with configuring Outlook 2010 and 2013 to access a shared mailbox as an Outlook profile on Windows.  This can be useful for a user to access the mailbox to setup specific permissions for other users or when there is a staff member who needs to access only the shared […]
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