[Exchange] Managing Spam in Junk E-mail Folder and Block/Allow Senders Lists
Description: The University has implemented a new spam filter now known as Spam Scanning Service called Cisco Iron Port. The new spam scanning service does not have a web accessible interface that will allow the user to control spam. The Cisco Iron Port uses a sender base reputation and scores the domains. Based on these scores the […]
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[Exchange] Email and Calendar FAQ
Description: Overview Migration Process Using Exchange Calendar Security Mobile Devices Other Questions Known Issues
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[Exchange] UNC Email Quota
Description: Exchange Overview UNC-CH faculty and staff email accounts have been migrated to the Microsoft Exchange platform since 2011. Each email account on the Exchange server has an enforced 2GB quota. Mailboxes using more than the 2GB quota of space will be unable to send and receive email. The University does offer more than the 2GB quota; please visit […]
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[Exchange] What are Permission Levels in Outlook?
Description: Calendar and/or Folder permissions: This type of sharing that allows selected users to view the contents of your calendar or folder, but does not allow other users to send email on your behalf. When setting up permissions, you can determine exactly how much access a user has to your Calendar or Folder. The permissions are […]
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[Exchange] How to recall a message in Outlook?
Description: Message Recall is available on the Exchange Server using the Microsoft Outlook application. The recipient of the message you want to recall must also be using an Exchange Server email account. This option is not available using the Microsoft Outlook Web App (OWA) or Outlook 2011 for Mac.  
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What is a vCard?
Description: A vCard is the digital equivalent of a business card. vCards can be used to represent email or mobile contacts, allowing for a standard format of detailed information that goes beyond just name, email address and/or phone number. Once a vCard is imported to a program, it can be traded through various methods as attachments […]
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The Exchange Email Service at UNC Chapel Hill
Description: This document is intended to draw together the documentation resources available at UNC to help Exchange email system users both understand and successfully use the Exchange email system. Specifically, this document will highlight areas dealing with Basics and Introductory documents, Configuration documents, Usage documents, and Common Troubleshooting tasks. All documentation will attempt to focus on […]
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[Exchange] How can I set up Apple Mail and Calendar to connect to the UNC Exchange service?
Description: An Apple computer running OS X 10.6 or newer is required to experience full Exchange support: mail, contacts and calendar synchronization. If you wish to only access your Exchange mail account, you simply need a Mac that includes Apple Mail version 4.0 or higher. Note: The instructions below are based on: OS X 10.10.5, Apple […]
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[Exchange] How to update the Global Address Book in Outlook
Description: When changes occur within the main Global Address Book (GAL) on the Exchange server, computers running Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013 may not automatically receive the updates. If this is happening, then you may notice missing, non-existent and/or incorrect entries. Synchronizing your Outlook (cached) address book with the Global Address book may fix these discrepancies. […]
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[Exchange] Shared Folders
Description: This document is written to show how to configure Microsoft Exchange shared folder in Microsoft Outlook. There are three types of Shared Folders in Exchange; Personal, Shared Mailbox (Departmental Shared Folder), and Public Folders. Personal Shared Folder Personal Shared Folder is a folder setup by an Exchange User to share emails with another Exchange user. […]
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