Getting Connected at UNC
Description: Wireless Connecting to the UNC Wireless Network Email  Campus Email Cheat Sheet     Heelmail ( Outlook Android iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad)     Exchange ( Outlook Web App Outlook 2010 and 2013 (Win) Outlook 2011 (Mac) Android iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) Antivirus      Personally Owned Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows) ClamX Antivirus (Mac)      University Owned Microsoft […]
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HeelMail setup on iOS
Description: This document will help you configure HeelMail for the Mail app on iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, etc.) If you do not already have a campus email account, then please visit UNC Email Sign-up Page. Basic Settings User Name Password Onyen Password Server Name   Gathering the Server Name. Login to HeelMail Click on […]
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Free Tech Resources
Description: This PDF linked describes IT resources at UNC-Chapel Hill that are free for students to use.  This information was originally composed by Student Government as a service for students by students. Free Tech Resources
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HeelMail Frequently Asked Questions
Description: About/Information Known Issues  Mail Client  Web Client Outlook  Thunderbird Mobile Device BlackBerry   Android  iOS (iPhone, iPad, iTouch)
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How do I get a UNC e-mail account?
Description: Before you can get an email account, you must first have a UNC PID (personal identification number) and you must be actively affiliated with UNC-Chapel Hill. Typically, being actively affiliated means that you are enrolled as a student in a course of study or you are a member of the faculty or staff. Information on […]
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Need help with student HeelMail (live@edu)?
Description: Looking for technical help with HeelMail (live@edu) which is an Outlook Web Application for Students? Please visit the HeelMail FAQ or Outlook Help site.
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E-Mail – What is the maximum number of recipients for an email message?
Description: What is the maximum number of recipients for an e-mail message? The maximum number of recipients for an e-mail message sent through Exchange ( is 5000 recipients and HeelMail ( is 500 recipients.   Alternatives for sending messages to 100+ recipients If you do not have an Exchange account: Split up the recipient list and send […]
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Campus Mail Cheat Sheet for HeelMail and Exchange
Description: HeelMail Campus Exchange Outlook 2007/2010 Type of Setup: Automatic Configuration (Run HeelMail Configuration Fix First) Settings: Email Address: Password : Onyen password Type of Setup: Automatic Configuration Settings: Email Address: Password: Onyen password Login after setup: Username: AD\Onyen Password: Onyen Password Entourage 2008 *If client is using Entourage, speak with a supervisor before […]
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Can I set up a vacation autoresponder for my email account when I am away?
Description: Can I set up a vacation autoresponder for my email account when I am away? Yes. ITS provides an e-mail vacation service that automatically responds to senders of your incoming e-mail messages with a message notifying them that you are away and/or unable to read your e-mail. This service is only provided for the campus […]
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What is an email alias and how do I create one?
Description: Email Aliasing: Email Addresses Made Easier Email addresses can be difficult to remember, resulting in mistakes when people try to send you email. But good news! You can request an easy-to-remember nickname (alias) for your email address. The alias consists of your first and last name separated by an underscore and followed by For […]
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