What is an email alias and how do I create one?
Description: Email Aliasing: Email Addresses Made Easier Email addresses can be difficult to remember, resulting in mistakes when people try to send you email. But good news! You can request an easy-to-remember nickname (alias) for your email address. The alias consists of your first and last name separated by an underscore and followed by @unc.edu. For […]
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How to Convert your Pine Address Book for use in Exchange or HeelMail Contacts.
Description: The University Pine application does not automatically convert the address book to the Campus Exchange or HeelMail system. Please follow the instructions below to convert your Pine address book to a Comma Separated Value (.csv), so it can be imported into Campus Exchange or HeelMail. In order to convert your Pine Addressbook (.addressbook file) to […]
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Taking Your E-Mail and Data With You When You Leave
Description: These instructions are intended for students to back up personal data and not intended to be used for institutional data. If you have questions about the type of data you want to back up, please contact the ITS Servicedesk at http://help.unc.edu/servicedesk. About Your E-Mail & AFS Space After you leave the university, your access to […]
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