Ten Ways to Keep Your eSanity with eMail
Description: 1. Think twice before sending messages and when reading messages you receive. 2. Choose short, meaningful subject headings. 3. Separate major points into different messages. 4. Before forwarding a message, consider if the sender would want it forwarded. 5. Before forwarding a message that asks you to forward it to everyone you know, consider if […]
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How Do I Change Where My Reply Starts in Mozilla Thunderbird?
Description: In Mozilla Thunderbird, when replying to a message, you can have your reply inserted above or below the original message. Instructions to Change Reply Location 1. While logged in to Mozilla Thunderbird, click on the menu and click on. 2. On the left-hand menu, select the option under your email account, which will bring up […]
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How do I send mail from another address in Mozilla Thunderbird?
Description: What are Identities in Mozilla Thunderbird? Settings used when you start composing a message Settings used when you send a message Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7 or later is required for these instructions for creating multiple identities. Create an Identity To create an identity in Mozilla Thunderbird, go to Tools > Account Settings to open the Account […]
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Creating Netnews Newsgroups
Description: Introduction This document provides basic instructions for starting a new newsgroup. Newsgroups are topic areas available on netnews , a facility that allows reading of articles on a news server, responding publicly to the article in a followup or privately in a reply, and posting new articles on subjects of your own choosing. Note: Words […]
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Cleaning Up Your E-Mail – FAQ Collection
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